State Elected Officials

Learn more about Florida's state elected officials of the Senate and House of Representatives! FInd out their district, political affiliation, and their key contact. All key contacts are REALTOR® members. 

Florida Senate (view website)

Sen. David Simmons | 
District 9, Republican
Legislative Key Contact: Jean Armstrong | email
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Sen. Randolph Bracy | 
District 11, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: Deidre Graybill | email
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Sen. Linda Stewart | 
District 13, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: Eric Rollings | email 
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Sen. Victor M. Torres, Jr. | 
District 15, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: Jose Ortiz | email 
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Florida House of Representatives (view website) 

Rep. David Smith  | 
District 28, Republican
Legislative Key Contact: Kathleen Gallagher McIver | email 
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Rep. Scott Plakon  | 
District 29, Republican
Legislative Key Contact: Sharon P. Voss | email
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Rep. Joy Goff-Marcil  | 
District 30, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: A. Dale McDonald | email 
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Rep. Jennifer Mae Sullivan  | 
District 31, Republican
Legislative Key Contact: Natalie Arrowsmith | email 
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Rep. Geraldine Thompson  | 
District 44, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: Cliff Long | email 
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Rep. Kamia Brown | 
District 45, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: Candy Cash | email 
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Rep. Bruce Antone  | 
District 46, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: David Brenner | email 
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Rep. Anna Eskamani | 
District 47, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: Lou Nimkoff | email 
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Rep. Amy Mercado  | 
District 45, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: Orlando Montero | email 
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Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith | 
District 49, Democrat
Legislative Key Contact: Rachel Ruffing | email 
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Rep. Rene Plasencia  | 
District 50, Republican
Legislative Key Contact: Al Taylor | email
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