Real Estate Topics

Rely on your REALTOR® organization for background info, tips, articles, videos, and more on every real estate topic under the sun!

  • REALTOR® Safety - Priority #1
    When it comes to protecting you, your clients, and their properties, safety is a year-round concern.

  • Being A Real Estate Professional
    Not all real estate professionals are REALTORS®.

  • Commercial & Investment Real Estate
    NAR's collection of real estate topics and information regarding commercial and investment properties.

  • Financing & Credit
    Every real estate sale ultimately hinges on the buyer’s access to funds.

  • Insurance
    Insurance is crucial for real estate: mortgage financing, securities, title, flood and disaster, home warranty, and E&O insurance.

  • International Real Estate
    Global real estate opportunities are everywhere. People from other countries buy in the U.S., move among U.S. markets, and Americans buy overseas.

  • Land Use & Property Rights
    The freedom to buy, sell, and utilize property, as protected in the 5th amendment, underlies all real estate transactions and markets.

  • Legal
    The latest news regarding real estate laws, compliance regulations, and risk management issues from NAR's Legal Affairs division.

  • Marketing
    Learn how to sell more than a house; get prospects to understand your story as a professional, too.

  • Residential Real Estate
    Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to help clients and customers with a purchase or sale in residential property.

  • Taxes
    National Association of REALTORS® works vigilantly to protect property owners and the real estate industry when changes to the tax code are proposed.

  • Technology
    Technology continues to transform the way real estate professionals conduct business and connect with clients. Stay up-to-date on the trends.


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