Gold Key Certification (GKC)

The Excellence in Professionalism - Gold Key Certification distinguishes you as a real estate professional who has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to professionalism and service. 

Developed by ORRA, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge for establishing relationships with fellow REALTORS®, affiliated business partners, and customers that will last a lifetime. 

Professionalism and quality service are the keys to success in the real estate industry, so be sure to attend and add this certification to the top of your achievements.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand what the consumer survey says about REALTORS® and their quality of service and professionalism

  • Discover 5 ways to assess your customer service

  • Learn how training and accountability increase professionalism

  • Meet or exceed your buyer and seller expectations

  • Know what it takes to set yourself apart from other agents

  • Deal with difficult customers without losing the deal

  • Adapt in order to meet the standards of buyers and sellers

  • Redefine your skills to understand the current disclosure issues

  • Know how risk management increases professionalism

  • Evaluate circumstances that motivate customers to buy and sell

  • Establish standards to aid you in providing professional services throughout the transaction, from start to finish

  • Utilize web-based systems to coordinate an efficient transaction management system

  • Assess policies to reach maximum professionalism within the brokerage

Criteria for Becoming "Gold Key Certifed"

  • Agents

    If you're an agent of an ORRA broker member, you must complete the 8-hour "Excellence in Professionalism" Gold Key Certification Course in its entirety. Within 4 to 6 weeks of program completion, you will receive your certificate and your GKC pin.

  • Brokers

    As an ORRA broker, you must complete the 7-hour "Excellence in Professionalism" Gold Key Certification Course in its entirety. Within 4 to 6 weeks of course completion, you will receive your certificate and your Gold Key Certified pin.

    As a broker, you can then encourage all of your agents to complete the certification course so that you can earn the distinction of being a "Gold Key Certified" office.

  • Offices

    To qualify, the broker-in-charge must first become Gold Key Certified. Additionally, a required percentage of agents within the office must have earned their GKC. Once the office is certified by ORRA, the broker will receive their Gold Key Certified decal, which may be proudly displayed in the office.

    For more information on office certification, please contact the Professional Development Department at [email protected]

Here's What REALTORS® Have to Say...

"Attending training and obtaining my Gold Key Certification through the "Excellence in Professionalism" course truly encouraged me to elevate my own standards of professionalism. My very next clients after certification were a young millennial, newlywed couple looking for their first home together. Serving my new clients as a Single Agent under a Buyer's Broker Agreement, I listened to their needs and then used all of my skills to get them the home of their dreams. After closing on their new home, the reward wasn't the paycheck I received from the seller, it was the client's appreciation and gratitude and the immense personal satisfaction from a job well done - a job their prior agent had worked on for seven months before he was fired."
- Royce D. Vanderpool, Broker, Devan Realty & Development Corporation

 “I believe that’s an extremely valuable class not only to yourself but to showcase your professionalism to the consumers. That class has been designed according to our member’s observations and the day to day fast pace business environment. I would highly recommend to all REALTORS® … Learn it - embrace it and stand out from the crowd!” 
- Zola Szerencses, Broker, Keller Williams Winter Park

“The Gold Key- Excellence in Professionalism should be required course. It's a great reminder for those who have been in the business as well as the newbies as it is such a great overview. 
Doing the right thing is never wrong!” 
- Lesley Wilson-VanGoethem, Innovative Realty Solutions Group

“I've always been a believer that education not only affords you additional opportunity to be more successful, but also increases and improves professionalism in our real estate industry. Therefore, an educational certification course laser focused on improving professionalism is something I'm happy to support. Proud to be a graduate of ORRA's very 1st "Excellence In Professionalism" - Gold Key Certification Course and to have an office that's also Gold Key Certified.” 
- Dan Lopez, Broker, Legends Realty

“The class has helped me tremendously in the goings on behind the scenes of Professional Real Estate. It brings a better understanding of the disclosures, the intricacies of accountability, and going above and beyond as a Real Estate Professional. I would highly recommend that all who can participate, to please do. It is most certainly worth the effort and will open doors to new horizons and a new level of professionalism.” 
- Philomena Tengzelius, Golden Oak Realty

“Excellent presentation. Should be mandatory for all Brokers and all REALTORS®...the course has been attended by most of our REALTORS®. Our office is certified and has increased our business tremendously. Customers have a much higher confidence level dealing with our Certified Office.” 
- Rick Bavec, Broker, Tolaris Homes

“I enjoyed the Gold Key Certification class, it was current usable information. I picked up several policies and procedures I could use to provide better services to my clients. I would encourage ORRA to offer more courses of a similar caliber.” 
- Jeff Bales, Broker, Gibraltar Real Estate Service, LLC 

“I enjoyed the Gold Key Certified class and believe it has long been needed. So much of this is common sense and Golden Rule but this class demonstrates the expectation for everyone to behave in this manner of professionalism. I wish the class was mandatory for all licensees.” 
- Sharon Backe, Broker, Watson Realty Corp. 

“I think it is an important class for way too many REALTORS® because quality service is not that common in this field. At least all I see as an Agent, I think this class should be mandatory. So they have to give a thought to what customer service looks like.” 
- Thomas Luethi, Watson Realty Corp 

“Thank you for offering the gold key certification class. The content was excellent and shared extremely valuable information to maintain professionalism in our industry. I would highly recommend taking it to increase real estate results. Great opportunity to enhance any REALTOR'S® professional sales performance. Every REALTOR® should take this course to become certified as an industry professional.” 
- Pat Napolitano, Weichert Realtors Hallmark Properties 

“If you take your profession seriously, you will appreciate the content of this training. We all need to do everything possible to overshadow the negative impression the public may have of realtors. As such, every member should work towards the highest standards. I am very glad to have attended and become certified.” 
- Philip Becker, Broker, Watson Realty Corp. 

“It was a great experience. I give it an A Plus.” 
- Jan Johnson, Commercial, Homes & Land, Inc.

“I am new in this business. This program is so wonderful and gave new vision for real estate field.” 
- Sonal Panchal, AmeriTeam Realty, Inc. 

“My clients are impressed that I am a member of the designation. I think it is an important part of our industry. This should be a requirement for membership.” 
- Sheila P. West, Real Estate Collection 

“I really enjoyed attending the Excellence in Professionalism: Gold Key Certification. Even though I am a seasoned agent, there is always something new to learn. I truly feel by getting this certification it sets you apart from other agents.” 
- Maggie DeGannaro, Keller Williams Heritage Realty 

"The Gold Key Certification program was very informative and well put together. I was very surprised to learn how consumers view our profession. Education is key to earning consumers trust back." 
- Alex Galitsky, Broker, Top Orlando Realty