Staff Directory

The Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association employs dedicated staff to provide quality programs to the ORRA membership.

Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association
1330 Lee Road
Orlando, FL 32810

Phone: 407.253.3580
Fax: 407.293.6083


Hours of Operation:
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday 

Membership Department Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Cliff Long
Chief Executive Officer
Direct: 407.513.7261

Amanda Ornelas
Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 407.513.7287

Ninive Santana
Executive Assistant
Direct: 407.513.7533

Mary Kay Brickey
Vice President of Policy & Bylaws
Direct: 407.513.7260

Carole Burgess
Administration Manager
Direct: 407.513.7281

Angela Foster
Administration Coordinator
Direct: 407.513.7262

Melinda Skinner
Director of Human Resources
Direct: 407.513.7302

Donna Willey
Professional Standards Manager
Direct: 407.513.7263

Desmond Dyce
Building Manager
Direct: 407.513.7264

Professional Development/Education

Ashley Wheeler
Vice President of Professional Development & Membership
Direct: 407.513.7270

Sara Dawson
Professional Development Manager
Direct: 407.513.7266

Pam Kolakowski
Professional Development Coordinator
Direct: 407.513.7556

Melanie Santiago
Professional Development Coordinator
Direct: 407.513.7269

Priscilla Da Silva
Professional Development Coordinator
Direct: 407.513.7555


Ashley Wheeler
Vice President of Professional Development & Membership
Direct: 407.513.7270

Christa Napier
Membership Compliance Manager 
Direct: 407.513.7552

Rocky Alli
Membership Manager
Direct: 407.513.7278

Shakella Daonarine
Membership Representative
Direct: 407.513.7238

Olivia Jackson
Membership Representative
Direct: 407.513.7284

Jaycee McEwen
Membership Representative
Direct: 407.513.7265

Sqretta Ross
Membership Representative
Direct: 407.513.7557

Shawn Scurlock
Membership Representative
Direct: 407.513.7283

Kim Bogart
Membership Representative
Direct: 407.513.7290

Jessenia Lopez
Membership Representative
Direct: 407.513.7285

Anny Jimenez
Membership Representative
Direct: 407.513.7286

Government Affairs & Foundation Relations

Frankie Elliott
Vice President of Government Affairs & Foundation Relations
Direct: 407.513.7276

Director of Government Affairs
Direct: 407.513.7277

Madison Singleton
Government Affairs Coordinator
Direct: 407.513.7279

Communications & Marketing

Laura Haag
Vice President of Communications & Marketing
Direct: 407.513.7272

Laurel Norman
Director of Events & Sponsorships
Direct: 407.513.7316

Lisa McDuffie
Communications Manager
Direct: 407.513.7273

Maya J. Cracasso
Graphic Design Manager
Direct: 407.513.7274

Mike Blinn
Direct: 407.513.7275

Megan Frost
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Direct: 407.513.7308

Adriana Seda Mattei
Marketing & Communications Assistant
Direct: 407.513.7318

Information Technology

Loren Gilbertson
Vice President of Technology
Direct: 407.513.7288

Joe Cheng
Director of Technology
Direct: 407.513.7303

Justin O'Reilly
Digital Collaboration Coordinator
Direct: 407.513.7535


Robert Muszynski
Vice President of Finance
Direct: 407.513.7554

Jessica Wittekind
Direct: 407.513.7526

Gabriela Fernandez
Billing Manager
Direct: 407.513.7280