Councils & Committees


Members with an interest in a particular side of the business can take advantage of specialty councils, groups, forums, and networks.


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  • Affordable Housing
    Reviews and informs the members of affordable housing incentives that may be available and supports the development of a wide range of affordable housing choices.
    Staff Liaison: Frankie Callen Elliott (

  • Awards
    Organizes, plans, and implements the association's yearly awards programs.
    Staff Liaison: Carole Burgess (

  • Budget & Finance
    Provides oversight of financial and budgetary aspects of the association’s operations.
    Staff Liaison: Robert Muszynski (

  • Bylaws & Policy
    Reviews association governing documents to ensure they remain current to Florida Realtors® and National Association of REALTORS® rules.
    Staff Liaison: Mary Kay Brickey (

  • Communications
    Oversees the communications efforts of the association, including internal and external messages.
    Staff Liaison: Laura Haag (

  • Community Relations
    Encourages member participation in community projects, organizes community activities and events and provides additional service opportunities.
    Staff Liaison: Angela Foster (

  • Governmental Affairs
    Tracks legislation and regulations at local, state, and national levels that affect the real estate industry, participate in public meetings and communicates with governmental officials. Handles RPAC fundraising through RPAC subcommittee. Members of the Governmental Affairs Committee are required to be "fair share" ($25) RPAC contributors.
    Staff Liaison: Frankie Callen Elliott (

  • Grievance
    Receives ethics complaints and arbitration requests and determines whether or not hearings are warranted. (Mandatory training date to be determined.) Prerequisite: Minimum of three years' as a REALTOR® member.
    Staff Liaison: Donna Willey (

  • Investment
    Bears responsibility for the association’s activities related to investing and asset allocation.
    Staff Liaison: Robert Muszynski (

  • Market Diversity
    Develops and recommends policies promoting equal opportunity in housing and diversity within the real estate industry, identifies the concerns and needs of minority members, and develops actions to address those needs.
    Staff Liaison: Angela Foster (

  • Member Services
    Provides guidance regarding membership policies, represents the needs of the general membership and addresses development issues. Also organizes and participates in community events and activities for members to be involved in their communities.
    Staff Liaison: Rocky Ali (

  • Multiple Listing Services
    Develops and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning issues and policies related to the operation of Stellar MLS.
    Staff Liaison: Angela Foster (

  • Professional Standards
    Conducts hearings on alleged unethical conduct by members or in the arbitration of business disputes. (Mandatory training date to be determined.) Prerequisite: Minimum of three years' service on Grievance Committee.
    Staff Liaison: Donna Willey (


  • Affiliate
    Brings Affiliate members together to develop programs and opportunities that foster REALTOR®-Affiliate networking opportunities.
    Staff Liaison: Laurel Norman (

  • Professional Development
    Seeks to improve REALTOR® professionalism and productivity via educational programming suitable for all segments of the membership.
    Staff Liaison: Ashley Wheeler (


If you have any questions please contact the Administration Department