Mailing List

ORRA mailing lists offer you an excellent opportunity to get your sales literature, brochures, event invitations, and other direct-mail materials into the hands of more than 13,500 potential buyers. We will work with you to customize lists and maximize response rates to your mailings.

ORRA now permits the sale of its mailing list for brokerage branding and agent recruiting purposes! Please note that only brokerages with a designated REALTOR® (broker) are permitted to utilize ORRA's marketing platforms for agent recruitment purposes.

Note: ORRA does not sell a list of its members' email addresses. If you wish to reach our members by email, please consider ORRA's electronic marketing platforms.  

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Included Information

Information in the mailing list includes the member's name, designation, preferred mailing address, and company affiliation. The mailing list DOES NOT include email addresses, telephone numbers, or fax numbers.

Format & Delivery

Information is saved in an Excel .csv (comma separated value) document and delivered via email.

List Selection

Mailings lists can be customized by:

  • Type of membership
  • Length of membership
  • Zip code 
Types of ORRA Members
Count (approximate)
Total ORRA Membership 16,000 individuals
Primary REALTORS® (agents) 14,500 individuals
Secondary REALTORS® (agents) 500 individuals
Primary Designated REALTORS® (brokers) 2,200 individuals
Affiliate Members 275 firms
Affiliate Members 100 additional individual representatives

Restrictions, Purchasing Instructions, and Pricing

A copy of the marketing piece to be mailed using the ORRA mailing list must be submitted for approval prior to release of the list.

To purchase a list please complete the ORRA Mailing List Purchase Agreement and email to [email protected].

Cost Member Non-member
5,000 or more names $500 $750
1,000 to 4,999 names $300 $500
999 or less names $150 $250