Guidelines for Buying or Selling a Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted on: Thursday, May 14, 2020

As trained, licensed professionals, REALTORS® have always protected your safety and best interests. Now, during these unprecedented times, Orlando REALTORS® are taking steps to protect your health as well.

The REALTOR® organization has established a set of recommended practices for agents and their clients that are designed to protect everyone involved during the homebuying or selling process.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Orlando REALTORS® have up-to-the-minute information regarding shelter-in-place and essential-business orders, and how they affect the real estate business. Our members are encouraged to follow those directives at all times.

  • In a climate where home visits can be risky and social distancing guidelines are in effect, your Orlando REALTOR® can help you take advantage of an array of technological tools. These include virtual tours, 3D interactive property scans, and video conferences that allow buyers to see properties in a realistic but safe way. They can also host virtual listing presentations with prospective sellers. If you’re house hunting and find a property that’s appealing, drive by it first to see if the home and neighborhood are what you’re looking for. If you’re still interested, set up a virtual tour. Once you know the home is truly an option for you, tour it safely with your REALTOR®.

  • Physical property showings, open houses (limited to 10 in the home at one time) and inspections are permissible in the Orlando market. Orlando REALTORS® suggest a set of simple processes that help keep these activities as safe as possible. They include:
    • Driving separately from clients to all showings
    • Having all parties wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer before entering a home
    • Asking buyers to avoid touching anything in the home
    • Asking buyers to wear shoe covers
    • Opening interior doors prior to showings so buyers don’t have to touch door handles
    • Opening exterior windows and doors for ventilation, climate permitting
    • Turning on all lights to prevent touching light switches
    • Disinfecting door handles and high-touch areas before and after showings
    • Having people stand at least six feet apart during showings
  • Sellers can establish parameters with agents for marketing and selling their property. If, for instance, you want to prohibit in-person showings, that should be made clear to your REALTOR®.

  • Orlando REALTORS® use secure electronic document services for managing real estate transactions. These services let buyers and sellers view and sign documents and contracts efficiently, minimizing in-person contact as much as possible. These techniques were in use long before COVID-19, so our members are well-versed in their use. With increased reliance on technology, however, your security becomes paramount. Fortunately, you can trust your REALTOR® to keep your financial information safe and confidential at every turn. For instance, our members counsel their clients to always call their closing services provider using an independently verified phone number to confirm wiring instructions.


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Guidelines for Buying or Selling a Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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