Stop the Spread, Not Your Real Estate Journey

Posted on: Saturday, May 16, 2020

A pandemic is certainly an unprecedented event and one that is affecting all aspects of life. However, many people still have a need to buy or sell their homes.

Now, more than ever before, enlisting the services of a licensed REALTOR® is of utmost importance.
As always, our expertise and resources can best assess buying or selling power, market conditions, property evaluation, due diligence, financing, and more.

But the stakes are higher now. Orlando REALTORS® have always looked out for your interests during your real estate journey, and now we’re protecting your health as well. Our REALTORS® have adopted a set of best practices for the process — from listing to viewing to closing — that ensure all parties stay safe, and do not contract or spread the Coronavirus. Orlando REALTORS® are encouraged to adhere to these best practices to help their customers engage in homebuying and selling with more confidence. 

Despite precautions, home viewings can obviously pose a risk. As a result, both buyers and sellers may choose to rely on virtual tours, video conferences, and other online communications throughout the journey. Fortunately, our REALTORS® have access to technology that can help manage many of the processes in the real estate experience. 

Our members also understand that some home buyers will want to see a home in person before committing to such an important purchase. To that end, the REALTOR® organization has provided members with recommended protocols to ensure safe home viewings. They include the washing of hands, limiting the touching of surfaces, disinfecting high touch areas pre- and post-viewing, having people stand at least six feet apart, and more.

As we adhere to the new rules, we continue to provide the same standards of care and service that have always made REALTORS® such an invaluable resource.

Buyers can be confident that your REALTOR® will guide you in your home search, assess your buying power, help you negotiate, provide due diligence during property evaluations, lay out financing options, and steer you through the closing process.

Sellers can be confident that your REALTOR® will provide up-to-date information on marketplace conditions and assess competing properties, market your property effectively to other REALTORS® and the public, offer expert advice on advertising your property, evaluate every buyer’s proposal, and help close the sale. 

Simply put, now is not the time to go it alone. Let a trained, licensed Orlando REALTOR® make sure your real estate journey is a smooth one -- and one that gets you home safely.


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