Home Improvement Projects You Can Handle Yourself While Sheltering

Posted on: Friday, May 15, 2020

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many big home improvement projects have been postponed, with some people actually needing to put a halt to jobs being handled by contractors. 

But there are still plenty of home improvement projects you can handle on your own.

 Of course, ultra-handy DIYers can put in new kitchen counters, replace old sinks and toilets, knock out walls, and build new decks. But, let’s face it, many people just aren’t comfortable tackling jobs like that.

If you’re one of them, here are some home upgrades that just about anyone can take on. They don’t require special tools or skills. They can usually be completed in a day or two. And best of all, these projects will improve your home’s appeal to buyers and make it easier to sell, should you ever decide to move.

Clean, clean, clean

Before the pandemic, most of us tended to do the basics in home cleaning, if not the bare minimum. The big jobs, they could wait. This period of social distancing poses the ideal opportunity to give your place a thorough going-over. The good thing is you don’t have to accomplish the mission in a weekend. Identify the places that need a good scrub and methodically work your way through the house. Once the home is spic-and-span, set a schedule to keep it that way. Make sure and get the corners. And don’t forget the windows!


Declutter and organize

Remember the old axiom “a place for everything and everything in its place”? It’s still sage advice, but let’s modify it a bit. Before you start finding places for everything, reduce the number of things that need one. Nearly all of us have mountains of stuff clogging drawers, closets, cabinets, and garages that we haven’t looked at or thought about in ages. Get rid of it. Once you’ve parted with your discard pile, set about organizing what remains. You’ll find countless how-to content online and many affordable products that can help. Once you get into the task, the hours will fly by. And the end result is sure to bring you joy!


Get out in the yard

Some folks thrive on yard work, while others would rather be doing just about anything else. This project is for all you avoiders. (Condo dwellers, you’re off the hook). Start small — like weeding a scruffy patch, trimming some bushes, cleaning gutters, or cutting back small tree branches. You’ll likely find that yard work isn’t the drag you thought it was, and that there’s a kind of relaxing Zen quality to it. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of spending a safe time outdoors. Who knows — you might end up taking on full-blown landscaping projects that will truly beautify your property.


Add a home office (or make the one you have better)

Most people are working from home these days. While this may seem exciting at first, many of us are finding that living, playing and working full-time at home can wear on you. That’s why having a dedicated office space is essential. Ideally, it should be efficient, sufficiently equipped, comfortable, and as separate as possible from the rest of the home. If you’re able to dedicate an entire room to work, make sure the ergonomics are adequate — that you have enough desk space for a computer, monitors, and printer if necessary. A comfortable chair is a must. For home offices without doors, consider adding insulated curtains to mitigate sound from the rest of the house. Because work-from-home appears to be a new reality, having a nice, functional home office will certainly add value to your home.


Service your air conditioner

In Florida, we spend way more time in air-conditioning than with the windows open. AC service is a home-maintenance must that some of us have a tendency to put off. Don’t. Having it checked and serviced by a technician is largely non-invasive. It improves the quality of the indoor air, and above all ensures that the air will continue to blow cold. No one wants to experience that August day when the AC suddenly quits. In the interim, make a habit of changing your filters. 


Break out the brushes

There’s hardly a more efficient way to refresh the interior of your home than a new paint job with different colors. You’re spending a lot of time inside — why not make it feel new? Interior painting requires patience and precision, so take your time. If you’re doing the whole house, proceed room by room and take breaks of several days as needed. In-store professionals are good at selecting the appropriate paint and equipment that allow you to do the job with a minimum of fuss and mess. They may even give you color suggestions based on the latest trends. By the way, color is in.


Wait, there’s more …

Rent a pressure cleaner and spiff up the driveway, deck, pavers, and exterior walls. Fix that hole in the wall with a little spackle, sandpaper and paint. Upgrade your lightbulbs. Clean, fix, or replace screens. And finally, reconfigure your furniture for a new look.

Don’t let quarantining or staying at home get you down. Use this unprecedented event to your advantage. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the results!





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