City of Winter Springs Sign Ordinance

Last updated on April 16, 2019

16-57.- Prohibited signs.

(11) Off-premises signs, except temporary off-premises signs may be authorized by permit in accordance with the provisions set forth in section 16-60 of this article;

16-59.- Construction and maintenance standards

(f) Temporary signs shall be constructed of sturdy material such as wood, hard plastic, vinyl, masonite or particle board of sufficient thickness so as to withstand the weather elements commonly experienced within the city. Cardboard and paper faced temporary signs are strictly prohibited unless it is safely fastened, in its entirety, to a backing made of material set forth in this section.

16-60.- Supplemental temporary sign requirements.

(a) In addition to any other applicable provision of this article and code, the following minimum standards shall apply to all temporary signs:

(1) Temporary signs shall be removed within three (3) days after the date upon which the sign has fulfilled its purpose (e.g., the scheduled event or occurrence has concluded). However, in cases where the temporary on-premises sign is advertising products or services for sale on the property, the temporary sign may only be erected during the time period when a person may actually purchase the products or services on the property. In addition, temporary off-premises signs shall be governed by the time limits set forth in subparagraph (7).

(2) On property zoned residential or used for residential purposes, no temporary sign shall exceed six (6) square feet and the total number of temporary signs on any one residential property shall not exceed four (4). Temporary signs authorized by this section may be erected in one (1) or more designated common areas of the residential subdivision that is owned and maintained by a homeowners association provided such signs meet all applicable requirements of this section. The property owner is responsible for obtaining permission from the homeowners association as may be required by law and the association's covenants and rules.

(3) On property zoned other than residential or used for non-residential purposes, no temporary sign shall exceed nine (9) square feet and the total number of temporary signs on any one non-residential property shall not exceed thirty-six (36) square feet. However, on property with multiple commercial tenants, each tenant may erect one (1) temporary sign on or facing each street frontage adjacent to the property even if the total square footage of temporary signage for the entire property exceeds thirty-six (36) square feet.

(4) If the temporary sign is a ground sign, the maximum height of any such sign shall be four (4) feet on property zoned or used for residential purposes, or eight (8) feet on any non-residential property.

(5) Such signs shall also meet the following minimum standards: (i) the sign must be at least five (5) feet from any right-of-way; (ii) the sign must be at least ten (10) feet from side and rear property lines; (iii) the sign shall not be illuminated.

(6) Upon issuance of a building permit, areas under development pursuant to an existing development order approved by the city shall be permitted one (1) additional non-illuminated temporary sign not to exceed a sign area of sixteen (16) square feet and six (6) feet in height for a single family lot or thirty-two (32) square feet and ten (10) feet for multi-family, commercial, industrial, and institutional development projects. Signs permitted hereunder shall be permitted for one (1) year or until the building permits for the area under development have expired or been revoked. All signs shall be removed when the project has been completed, suspended, or abandoned for at least three (3) months

(7) Temporary off-premises signs may be erected upon issuance of a permit by the city, provided the temporary off-premises sign(s) meets the following conditions:

a. The sign may only be erected on property during weekends and national holidays between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

b. The sign may only be located within one (1) mile of the activity, event or place being displayed or promoted on the sign, and the activity, event or place so displayed or promoted on the sign shall be required to be located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the city.

c. The owner of the property on which the sign will be erected has consented to the placement of the sign. However, the property owner shall not allow more than four (4) temporary off-premises signs on any one property.

d. The size, height, and placement of the sign shall comply with the requirements set forth in this section.

e. No sign shall be erected on or within any right-of-way.

f. Any permit issued for an individual property under this subsection shall have a maximum duration of forty-five (45) consecutive calendar days. If the permit is for purposes of promoting a specific activity or event, there shall be a maximum one-permit limit for each activity or event, provided, however, there shall also be a two-permit limit per calendar year for any particular place of business or residence. Special events which are sponsored or cosponsored by the city, county or school district, and which are intended to be open to the general public and community at-large using public facilities, shall not be subject to the two-permit limit.

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