City of Seminole County Ordinance

Last updated on April 16, 2019

30.1243.- Sign Standards

(b) Off-premise.

(2) Temporary.

b. Special event signs. Nonprofit and/or charitable organizations may, upon approval of the land management director and deposit of ten dollars ($10.00) to insure removal, place temporary signs on private property advertising special fund-raising events. Said signs may be permitted for a maximum of seven (7) days and are limited to two (2) signs per event with each organization limited to advertising a maximum of two (2) events per year.

c. Directional signs. Directional signs for new construction projects, excluding renovations, may be erected in any commercial or industrial district and in the OP District. Directional Signs also may be placed in the A-1 District, if approved by the Board of County Commissioners upon determination that the sign would not be detrimental to the character of the area or neighborhood. Placement of any directional signs must be in accordance with the following restrictions:

1. A maximum of two (2) signs, per development, may be permitted along any major entrance. Each sign shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet, be set back a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from any road right-of-way, and be no closer than three hundred (300) feet from any other off-premise sign, either temporary or permanent.

2. Such sign shall be limited to a duration of one (1) year and shall not be renewed for the same business location.

3. Copy of such sign shall be limited to the name of the business or activity and direction to that location.

4. Permit for each sign shall be issued only after applicant has deposited the sum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) with Seminole County, filed an agreement to forfeit such deposit should the sign not be removed when required, and written authorization from the property owner granting Seminole County authority to enter said property to remove the sign.

5. If said sign is not removed within seven (7) days after notification by the Planning Division, deposit will be forfeited and Seminole County will take necessary action to insure removal of the sign.

e. Public information signs. Directional signs for public facilities, non-profit organizations and churches may be erected on private property in the OP District and any commercial or industrial district. Such signs may also be placed in the A-1 Zoning District, if approved by the Board of County Commissioners, upon determination that the signs would not be incompatible with the character of the area or neighborhood. Placement of such signs shall be in accordance with the following restrictions:

1. A maximum of two (2) signs per facility, organization or church may be permitted. Each sign shall not exceed six (6) square feet in area or six (6) feet in height, nor be placed closer than one hundred (100) feet to any other ground/pole sign.

2. Copy of such sign shall be limited to the name of the facility, organization or church and direction to its location.

3. Signs shall not be erected without verification from the land management department that the sign and its proposed location complies with these regulations.

4. Public information signs are considered temporary signs and are subject to removal should the County determine that the sign in no longer compatible with adjacent land uses or otherwise is not in conformity with this part.

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