City of Apopka Sign Ordinance

Last updated on April 16, 2019

8.05.02- Allowable temporary sign uses

E. Weekend directional signs. Weekend directional signs may be permitted throughout the city in accordance with Table VIII-1; however, such signs are prohibited in the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA. Each applicant is responsible for obtaining permission from property owner prior to erecting signs.

Weekend Directional Sign Table VIII-1

  1. Maximum area: four square feet
  2. Maximum overall height: four feet high
  3. Maximum distance: two miles from event or business being promoted
  4. Number of signs allowed per application: 10 signs; an additional 10 signs may be requested but subject to an additional fee.
  5. Minimum separation distance: 100 feet except at opposing sides of intersections; no more than three signs may be placed on the property where the event or promotion occurs.
  6. Permit fee: $120.00 per 10 signs; any signs over 10 at $15.00 per sign, not to exceed maximum of 20 total signs.
  7. Permit time limit: Annual permits- renewable on the first working day of October each year. Weekend-only permits require sign removal by 6:00 a.m. Monday (or 6:00 a.m. Tuesday for city holidays).
  8. Placement: signs may be placed at property line. They are prohibited in road rights-of-way. Corner visibility cannot be obstructed.
  9. Construction Standards: a) Signs shall be mounted on an independent single or double pole device and shall not be affixed in any manner to trees, utility poles, other signs. b) Signs shall be made of metal, plastic, laminated cardboard or some durable and waterproof material. c) Paper signs are prohibited.

*Residential Open House Weekend Directional Signs: For licensed real estate agents sponsoring a residential open house, the number of weekend directional signs shall be limited to a maximum of five signs, and the annual fee shall be $50.00. All other standards of Table VIII-1 apply.

**Except for the first year which will occur on the adoption date of the Code amendment. When weekend directional sign permits are issued after the first working day of October, the permit fee will be prorated based on the days remaining until September 31 of the following calendar year.

8.05.03- Removal of illegal temporary signs.

Any temporary sign not complying with the requirements of this section is illegal and subject to immediate removal. (LDC 1992, § 8.05.03; Ord. No. 2232, § 1(exh. A), 11-16-2011)

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