Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Time of COVID‐19

Consumers can turn to Orlando REALTORS® for ways to help stop the spread while keeping your real estate journey moving forward

For REALTORS®, their safety along with that of their customers, colleagues, and properties, is foremost. Now theses safety‐conscious professionals are offering processes and actions designed to protect the
health of buyers and sellers.


Orlando REALTORS®, and those nationwide, are encouraged to practice “social distancing” while serving buyers and sellers. For example, they create virtual property tours or conduct video chats that allow
buyers to see properties in a realistic way, but online. They also host virtual listing presentations with prospective sellers.

REALTORS® overwhelmingly use secure electronic document services for managing a real estate transaction. Such services allow buyers and sellers to view and sign forms and contracts quickly and with minimal in‐person contact. In fact, use of electronic platforms has been standard procedure for REALTORS® long before COVID‐19.

With the increased use of technology, however, always comes the increased opportunity for scams. Before sending money, buyers and sellers should always call their closing services provider using an independently verified number to confirm wiring instructions.

Safety Precautions

During physical property showings, open houses, and inspections, REALTORS® are able to offer simple processes that help prevent the spread of disease:

  • Driving separately to showings
  • Having all parties wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after entering a home
  • Asking buyers to avoid touching anything in the home
  • Asking buyers to wear shoe covers or booties
  • Cancelling showings if buyers or sellers are sick
  • Opening all interior doors prior to showings to minimize the need for buyers to touch door handles
  • Opening exterior windows and doors for ventilation
  • Turning on all lights before showings to prevent touching light switches
  • Disinfecting all door handles and high‐touch areas prior to and after showings
  • Having all parties stand six feet away from each other during showings

Orlando REALTORS® are currently permitted to host open houses, provided they adhere to social distancing guidelines and restrict the number of people in a home to 10.

During this unprecedented pandemic, the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association is dedicated to supporting its 15,500 REALTOR® members as they facilitate the buying and selling of real estate.