ORRA Zip Code Plus Reports
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ORRA's Zip Code Plus reports for the month of October are now available via download from Dropbox.

Download reports from Dropbox
(ORRA membership required)

You do not need to have an existing Dropbox account - or to establish an account - in order to access the reports. If a pop-up window appears requesting that you login or establish an account, simply click "No thanks, continue to download."

Reports are automatically updated approximately the 20th day of each month.

ORRA members are welcome to download as many Zip Code Plus reports as desired. As with all of ORRA’s statistical resources, Zip Code Plus reports may be provided as handouts to clients, linked from or uploaded on your website, and shared on your social media.

Each Zip Code Plus report includes data and comparisons on median price, sales, inventory, days on market, new listings, new contracts, and more.

REALTORS® should remember that due to much smaller data sample sizes, Zip Code Plus report comparison charts are likely to show greater variation in percentage of change than that typically seen in Market Pulse.

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