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Safety: a year round concern for REALTORS®

 As a REALTOR®, it’s important you have a personal safety protocol in place that you use every day with every client, like when meeting new clients, showing properties or sharing information online. There are also a variety of tools you can add to your personal safety protocol, such as the smartphone apps and safety products listed here.

Special FeAtures

Article - Are You Too Nice for Your Own Good?

Special Report - NAR Member Safety Survey

Office Safety Forms

A variety of pre-designed safety forms that you can customize and use in your office.

NAR Articles

Brokerage Safety
Cyber Safety
Personal & Professional Safety

NAR Videos

From safety in the office and during open houses to safety at conventions and online, NAR has a wide range of videos designed to provide you with tips and advice for staying safe. View the videos 


Safety tips provided by the ORRA Risk Management Committee »


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