ORRA E-mail Broadcast Service
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Save on printing and postage costs. The ORRA e-mail broadcast service sends your dedicated HTML-formatted e-mail message to approximately 14,500 ORRA members. You provide the material, ORRA provides the audience!

General Information
ORRA broadcasts one e-mail each Thursday and every other Friday.

E-mail broadcasts may be used for marketing that promotes or introduces products, services, listings, or events to ORRA members. The e-mail broadcast service may not be used for agent recruitment or brokerage branding.

$499 per broadcast

Space Reservation Policies
Space reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis at least one week prior to issue date; payment must be received to reserve a date.

Advertisers may reserve up to three consecutive weeks at a time.

Refunds are provided for cancellations made fourteen or more days prior to the reserved date.

ORRA requires the following files and information in full in order to send an e-mail marketing message. Failure to provide these items one week prior to the reservation will result in delays or cancellation of the order.

  1. The contract / space reservation form.
  2. The final HTML file (600 pixels wide, length not to exceed 1,000 pixels) saved as *.htm or *.html. Any images and links used in the e-mail must be linked back to an active website.
  3. A text-only version of the file saved as a *.txt file. Include all URLs as needed. The plain-text email is displayed if recipients can't (or won't) display your HTML email.
  4. The "Subject" line for the message.

Contact: advertising@orlandorealtors.org

ORRA Partners
ORRA would like to thank our Partners for their continuing support.
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