Candidate Screening
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During an election year, the ORRA Government Affairs Committee conducts candidate screenings. This program is carried out when there are two or more viable candidates running for the same office, whether on the local or state level.

After panel members are selected and trained, they conduct the interviews, asking questions relevant to private property rights and the real estate industry. The candidates are then scored on a numerical basis.

Before becoming final, selections of the screening panel are approved by the board of directors. Once the board of directors approves the panel's recommendations, the candidate is notified that they are being supported for election/re-election. Names of the recommended candidates are then published in the Association newsletter announcing the decision to support to membership.

The state RPAC Committee considers requests for support of federal candidates from all applicable associations. The state committee in turn makes recommendations to the National RPAC Committee members. National RPAC will not consider direct requests from a local association on a federal candidate; requests must come through your state RPAC Committee.

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