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Attract Diverse Users With Internet Marketing Strategies

Tuesday, July 24, 2012  
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By Lisa C. Ford

Does your website limit your customer base? The point of a website is to reach out to as many potential customers as possible, but segments of your market may be unintentionally excluded.

In truly aiming for diverse website marketing, consider taking the following actions, consider taking the following actions:

1. Utilize demographic research to increase sales:

  • is the U.S. Department of Commerce website containing demographic data. (NOTE: this is for research purposes ONLY, not intended to be displayed on or linked to your website.)

2. Increase website visits by marketing to a diverse audience:

  • More sure the photos, phrases, and links on your website reflect a diverse audience.
  • Use the preferred term "people with disabilities” instead of "disabled person.”

3. Know how to avoid violation of the Fair Housing Act:

  • Advertise the property, not the people you think should live there. HUD does not have a list of approved or forbidden terms in regards to the Fair Housing Act, but it does provide basic guidelines.

4. Be aware of predatory lending and insurance practices:

  • Some segments of the population may be particularly vulnerable to these predatory practices. It is good to be aware of these pitfalls, particularly as they pertain to a targeted audience.

To learn more about how to utilize the Internet to market to a diverse audience, register for the FREE "Diversity Marketing on the Internet” class to be held at ORRA on October 12, 2012. This FREE class, worth four hours of continuing education credit, is made possible by a grant secured through the efforts of the ORRA Market Diversity Subcommittee.

In addition, the topic will be presented at the next ORRA "Eye On” membership event, August 23 at the Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs.

Register for the class

Register for the event

Lisa C. Ford, Charles Rutenberg Realty, is 2012 chair of the ORRA Market Diversity Subcommittee. She can be reached at

Source: "Florida Real Estate Brokerage Management Manual” by Charles S. Bonamer

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