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Broker Profile - Sherry McMurtrie

Thursday, August 2, 2012  
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Sherry McMurtrie
RE/MAX Properties SW, Inc.


I chose a career in real estate because after having my license for 10 years and not doing anything with it, I realized that selling real estate is about helping people and not about selling a product.

The most important real estate lesson I’ve learned is to treat everyone like you would want a family member to be treated in a business transaction.

The most rewarding part of real estate is at the end of a transaction where both the buyers and the sellers are happy.

The most challenging part of real estate is being patient with people who are not being patient with me.

As A Broker

The techniques I utilize to ensure that all fiduciary responsibilities to clients are met are to follow the good old golden rule and to communicate with people.

The agent-recruitment strategy I utilize is to take very seriously the recommendations of other agents in my office.

The criteria I use to make decisions regarding termination of agents includes considering whether their head and heart is in the right place.

The method that I have found to be most effective for securing new listings is referrals from happy sellers.

The factor currently impacting my brokerage business in a positive fashion is the fact that we are the only major real estate brand in a very busy corridor of growth (Medical City).

The factor currently impacting my brokerage business in a negative fashion is the mindset of agents who feel they don’t need a physical office space due to technology.

I cut expenses without endangering my business by always asking, "Do we really need that?” before buying anything.

The most effective tool that I utilize in my brokerage is to always be accessible to my agents.

The best real estate advice I’ve received is that the co-broke agent is on the same team as me and that we are both working toward a common goal.

The best real estate advice I’ve given is that it’s not about you and you should focus on what your principal wants to achieve.

My real estate role model is my father, Hudson McMurtrie.

The real estate goal I want to achieve is to always keep a good reputation as a professional.

My favorite real estate technology is my smartphone, because it makes it so easy to stay in touch with buyers and seller whoever they choose to communicate.

The best way to stay competitive in real estate is to keep educating yourself.


Hometown: Orlando

My favorite app is:

What’s on my iPod is: The Beatles, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Antonio Carlos Jobim (to name a few

My favorite movie is: "Some Like It Hot"

My favorite TV show is: "Mad Men"

My favorite book is: "Catcher in the Rye"

I’m currently reading: "Bossy Pants" by Tina Fey

My first job was: Selling plush animals at SeaWorld

My dream house has: Lots of space around it

I’ve always wanted to: Travel, travel, travel

I’ve always wanted to go to: Vancouver and Alaska

I’m good at: Explaining things

I stink at: Sports

A little known fact about me is: I minored in music at college

What stresses me out is: When people treat REALTORS® like a 7-11 (i.e., open 24 hours, seven days a week)

What makes me happy is: My family, my boyfriend, and my pets

The best decision I’ve made is to: Change my eating habits

I try to handle difficult situations by: Tackling them head on

If I were not in real estate, I would be a: Teacher

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