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Ask ORRA - Electronic Device Use

Wednesday, May 2, 2012  
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Question: May I use my laptop, iPad, or tablet during a class at ORRA, at least to just to take notes?

Answer: ORRA policy strictly prohibits the use any type of electronic devices during classes that offer continuing education credit.

For non-continuing education credit classes, as a courtesy ORRA asks each instructor for their preference regarding the use of electronic devices during their class. Some instructors simply find their use distracting, either to the instructor or other class attendees. Other instructors find it disrespectful when an attendee asks a question on material they clearly missed while texting or checking e-mails.

If an instructor does permit the use of electronic devices, ORRA requests that users sit in the last row of the classroom to avoid disturbing or distracting other attendees (a frequent complaint).

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