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Ask ORRA - Walk-in Policy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012  
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Question: Why do I have to pre-register or pay an additional walk-in fee to attend a class at ORRA? Why can’t I just show up?

ORRA policy states that $15 is added to a class registration fee if an attendee does not register prior to the check-in time of the class (30 minutes prior). This policy was implemented for several reasons:

»To reduce the incidences of dissatisfied members. The ORRA conference center has a maximum fire-regulation capacity. If a class is sold out, those who did not pre-register are turned away and will have wasted their time and gas.

»To allow for pre-class materials preparation and budgeting. Most classes provide printed materials that require both a lead time to produce and an accurate count to eliminate unnecessary costs. In addition, while a small number of walk-ins is predictable and can be accommodated, the large number that results from a penalty-free walk-in policy would create unwieldy delays and expenses.

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