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Dear Patty - Safety

Monday, April 23, 2012  
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Dear Patty:

I am new to property management and I’m embarrassed to say... sometimes I get scared when I’m showing properties to prospective tenants! What advice can you give me?

--Fraidy Cat

Dear Fraidy Cat:

I am a seasoned property manager and sometimes even I still get scared when showing properties to prospective tenants!

Many property managers I know take the safety classes designed just for REALTORS® that ORRA hosts periodically in its conference center. ORRA also has fantastic REALTOR® safety tips and articles on its website, and I suggest that you read them all.

I also recommend checking out this website that offers tips on REALTOR® safety. It is operated by Andrew Wooten, a National Association of REALTORS® safety instructor who lives right here in Florida.

Here are a few things I always do to ensure as best I can my personal safety:

»I ALWAYS make sure someone either in my office or my family knows where I am and with whom. I write my appointments and the name and number of the client in several places and make sure my office and family know where I am showing the properties. I always make sure my cell phone is fully charged in the event I need to make a call.

»If I feel at all uncomfortable I will text someone and have them call me during the showing. I have actually said, "Oh I am showing (address of property) to a prospective tenant (name of tenant)," and I make sure to do this right in front of the prospective tenant.

»I never pull in the driveway — I always park on the street. This way I cannot get blocked in.

»Leaving the front door unlocked is a case-by-case scenario, but there are times when I will leave the front door wide open!

»I would never personally recommend carrying a firearm but I do carry a whistle and pepper spray. Thank goodness I’ve never had to use either!!

I wish you well in your new field of property management and hope these tips will help you stay safe.


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