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Orlando REALTOR® asked: How has your designation served you?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011  
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In honor of Designation Awareness Month, Orlando REALTOR® magazine asked readers to share how they have been served by their designations. Here's what they said:

The e-Pro certification has helped me with the online marketing efforts I make on behalf of clients. They feel comfortable knowing that I have the skills and expertise to effectively e-market their home, whether it is for sale or for rent.
--Dina Najjar, Century 21 Capital Realty Group

I recently received the Real Estate Property Management Specialist (REPM) designation, to provide my investor clients the service they desire. Since I started this additional section of my business just months ago, referrals are escalating and I am already earning an income that exceeds my expectations.
--Janice Welch, RE/MAX Town Centre

I thrive on my designations. They spell knowledge, and they create trust. The public needs a trusted face with a world of knowledge. These days we are in the business of saving lives.
--Theodora Uniken Venema, Downtown Brokers LLC

Upon becoming licensed in 1972, I decided that if I was going to represent the public I would need a lot of designations. In 1988 I received my third designation (Member Institute of Residential Marketing from the National Association of Home Builders), and that promptly resulted in a request to assist Westinghouse, World Headquarters relocate its employees to Orlando.
--Jerry Lowe, Jerry Lowe REALTOR®

I have the CIPS designation. It is important to me to have the skill and knowledge to handle the laws and customs of another country. Plus, the networking opportunities that come with having the CIPS designation are great for meeting other international agents.
--Maggie DeGennaro, Stirling/Sotheby’s International Realty

Designations tell my clients that I invest in education. I receive one to three referrals each year as a direct result of my ABR designation, which has more than reimbursed me for that investment.
--Cheryl Geluso, RE/MAX Assured

The education that comes with earning a designation has helped me better serve my clients and helped me keep up with the changing market. My goal is to earn one new designation every year.
--Dennis Wooldridge, Z-House Realty Group

As a European based in Florida, the CIPS designation helps me in two ways: U.S. REALTORS® send me leads for "Amsterdam living,” and Dutch real estate agents send me leads for "Florida living.” Among so many internationally active real estate agents, the CIPS designation stands out.
--Erik Noordam, ECP Realty, Inc.

I have earned 11 designations, which has helped me to do more business. Not necessarily because of the letters behind my name, but because the education has made me a smarter REALTOR®.
--Eve Alexander, Buyers Broker of Florida

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