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Monday, January 3, 2011  
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Designated REALTORS® hold dues-related responsibilities for the non-member agents who are licensed with their firms. The National Association of REALTORS® dues formula, which ORRA is bound by its charter to enforce, states that a designated REALTOR'S® personal dues must be increased by an amount equal to the annual dues for each non-member the designated REALTOR® allows to be licensed with their firm.

Here's an example of how to calculate the dues of a designated REALTOR® with 10 licensees, seven of whom hold ORRA memberships and three of whom do not:

  • Designated REALTOR'S® individual dues - $491
  • Designated REALTOR'S® increased assessment based on three non-members ($421 each) - $ 1,263
  • Designated REALTOR'S® dues total - $1,754

The non-member assessment fee must be paid by the designated REALTOR®. NAR policy prohibits ORRA from accepting an assessment fee (including the allocation to Florida REALTORS® and NAR) from a non-member salesperson because he or she is not a member.

Payment of non-member dues assessment does not make a non-member a member.

If a designated REALTOR® does not pay the increased assessment dues for all non-member salespersons with his or her office, the ORRA Board of Directors must suspend the designated REALTOR® until the licensee(s) join ORRA; the designated REALTOR® pays the increased dues assessment; or the designated REALTOR® removes the licensee(s) from his or her office with the DBPR. This removal can be done either via the online process (which is instantaneous) or by submitting a RE 10 form to DBPR (which can take up to 60 days for the change to be posted).

The ORRA Membership Department must be notified of a licensee's departure from the designated REALTOR'S® office by faxing a DBPR screen shot or a RE 10 form. Information must be accurate with the DBPR before changes can be made to ORRA's membership records. The ORRA Membership Department fax number is 407.293.6083.

Important Dates

Note: Membership fees that fall due on a weekend or holiday will be accepted through the close of the next business day.

July 15 – Broker verification forms are mailed and should be returned by August 15. Brokers will need to certify the list of active REALTORS® and non-member salespersons in their offices and indicate any who have chosen other associations for their primary membership. Responses are used to prepare the annual dues billing.

September 1 - Annual dues invoices are e-mailed to all REALTORS®. Designated REALTORS® are billed personal dues increases for non-member salespersons at this time also.

October 15 - Unpaid designated REALTORS® will receive a notice via mail warning that suspension of the designated REALTOR® will also mean suspension of REALTORS® licensed with their offices.

October 31 - Last day to pay dues.

November 1 - Unpaid REALTORS® have their membership privileges (include Supra key service) suspended until dues are paid. Unpaid designated REALTORS® are notified of suspension hearings before the ORRA Board of Directors. (The ORRA Board of Directors holds broker suspension hearings at its November meeting, if necessary.)

REALTORS® licensed with unpaid designated REALTORS® are notified of their own possible suspension should their designated REALTOR® be suspended. Unpaid REALTORS® are automatically assessed a $60 late fee.

December 1 - An additional $60 late fee is assessed and an e-mail is out out.

January 1 - All unpaid, suspended REALTORS® are terminated. A $210 application fee is required to reinstate membership, as is a requirement to attend an orientation class.

The designated REALTORS® of terminated REALTORS® are billed non-member sales person assessments for those individuals if still licensed with the designated REALTOR® with the DBPR.

For more information, contact the ORRA Membership Department at 407.513.7282 or

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