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Miss the REALTOR® dues deadline? Here’s what you need to know

Monday, January 3, 2011  
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Q: What if I didn’t pay my REALTOR® annual dues bill by the deadline of November 1?

A: If you did not pay your dues before the deadline of November 1, a late fee of $60 has been added to your dues bill. On December 1st, unpaid dues bills will be assessed an additional late fee of $60. (A total of $120 in late fees will be added to your bill.)

Your REALTOR® membership has been suspended, and all member services with ORRA, Florida REALTORS®, and NAR have been discontinued. These services include, but are not limited to, the Supra Key system.

Q: What if I don’t pay my REALTOR® annual dues by December 31?

A: If you are an agent and you do not pay your bill by December 31, your membership will be terminated. You will then be required to reapply for membership, pay the $210 reapplication fee, pay all applicable dues and attend the one-day new membership orientation.

If you elect not to renew your membership, upon your termination, and in accordance with the NAR dues formula, your broker’s personal dues will be increased by the amount equal to the annual dues for each non-member the broker allows to be licensed with their firm. Your broker must pay this fee; NAR policy prohibits ORRA from accepting an assessment fee from a non-member salesperson (including the allocation to FR and NAR) because they are not members.

If a broker does not pay the increased assessment dues for all non-member salespersons with their office, the ORRA Board of Directors must suspend the broker until the licensee(s) join ORRA, or the broker pays the increased dues assessment, or the broker removes the licensee/s from their office with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

Q: How can I make my payment?

You can pay your dues bill in several ways.

  • Online
  • By fax: 407.293.6083
  • In person: 1330 Lee Road, Orlando, FL 32810

Q. What if I did not receive a dues bill?

If for some reason you did not receive a billing statement, you can access your dues bill by going to the ORRA website and clicking on the "ORRA Members Log In” tab. Enter your ORRA ID and ORRA password when prompted, then click on "My Account - ORRA - Dues/Payments.”

Please note that the ORRA Board of Directors does not consider "not receiving a statement” to be a sufficient reason to prevent your membership from being restricted, or to prevent the assessment of late fees.

Questions? Please send inquiries to or call the ORRA Membership Department at 407.513.7282.

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