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TransactionDesk and Florida REALTORS® update

Monday, January 3, 2011  
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Florida REALTORS® reports that beginning January 1, its blank forms will no longer be available on TransactionDesk. This means that in TransactionDesk, you will not be able to start a new transaction using a Florida REALTORS® form or be able to print out blank Florida REALTORS® forms.

You will still be able to access your previous transactions — even those based on Florida REALTOR® forms — in TransactionDesk, because MFRMLS is continuing to provide TransactionDesk access and functionality as a member service. (Beginning January 1, you will have to enter TransactionDesk via the MFRMLS/MLXchange portal, as Florida REALTORS® is closing its portal.)

MFRMLS reports that the following TransactionDesk functionality will remain available:

  • Unlimited document storage: Access existing and historical transactions and continue to store documents regardless of the source.
  • DocBox2Go: Access all of forms, documents, transaction folders, and contacts with virtually any smartphone with an Internet browser such as Blackberry, iPhone, or Treo.
  • DocBox Printer Driver: Provides the ability to upload documents to your online account, fax documents to any fax number in North America and at the same time, send documents to any e-mail address.
  • Instanet Fax: Sends a paper fax to e-mail; eliminates the cost of paper, toner, and printers; brands all faxes and e-mails with your logo; eliminates the need to hand-write phone numbers; and digital time stamping gives third-party verification of time sent and received.

Questions? Contact MFRMLS Technical Support at 407.218.8607.

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