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ORRA's online education offerings tailored to suit appraisers, initial licensees

Wednesday, May 18, 2011  
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The ORRA Professional Development Forum has added two new programs to ORRA’s stable of online education opportunities: one that fulfills the continuing education requirements for appraisers and one that fulfills 45-hour sales post licensing requirement for initial sales associate licensees.

"The forum is committed to expanding ORRA’s education offerings, and we make an effort to target the needs of specific membership segments in addition to the general membership,” explains Laurel Kellett, chairman of the ORRA Professional Development Forum. "Online programs receive special attention because of the convenience and economic benefits that they offer to busy REALTORS®.”

Both programs are offered through the online education provider McKissock 100% Education. "McKissock is pleased to offer online education options to ORRA members through this new affiliation,” says Tony Thrift, president of McKissock Connections and manager of McKissock 100% Education’s partnership program. "McKissock’s virtual classroom is the perfect solution for today’s busy professional, providing an experience that is not only educational, but also fast, easy, and affordable.”

Go to to the McKissock 100% Education homepage just for ORRA members

For the Appraiser

The Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board requires appraiser licensees to take 30 hours of continuing education every 24 months. Seven of the 30 required hours must come from the National USPAP Update course (or an equivalent), and at least three hours must come from a course that reviews and updates Florida Real Estate Appraisal Law and Board rules.

The McKissock 100% Education program offers both the mandatory National USPAP Update equivalent course, and a long list of elective classes and topics that range in price and credit hours. There are even several non-credit courses for those who simply want to update their knowledge.

For the Initial Sales Associates

The Florida Real Estate Commission requires real estate licensees — during their first license renewal period — to complete 45 hours of sales post-licensing education prior to the expiration date. The McKissock 100% Education class fulfills the entire 45 hours; the price for ORRA members is $99.

The class provides updates about the statutory and rule changes that affect both the licensee and the real estate market, and additional course objectives include:

  • Describe the main issues related to commercial, industrial, and agricultural real estate;
  • Describe the most common issues in land sales;
  • Identify the license requirements and the scope of the work for community association management;
  • Identify and discuss the three critical factors important in prospecting;
  • Identify common contact and leads management software;
  • Describe the three most common form of listings used in the state of Florida;
  • Recognize a balanced prospecting plan;
  • Explain why it is important to prioritize prospective buyers;
  • Discuss the federal laws affecting discrimination and how they affect the profession;
  • Understand the mechanism of handling offers and counter-offers;
  • Explain the differences among the various kinds of mortgages;
  • Compare and contrast a 15-year and 30-year amortized loan;
  • Understand pros and cons of adjustable rate mortgages;
  • Calculate the effective interest rate of a mortgage loan;
  • List the preliminary steps to a closing;
  • Allocate taxes and fees to the proper parties and compute individual costs;
  • Identify the important documents that explain the condo owner’s legal rights and obligations;
  • Distinguish between property management and community association management;
  • Describe briefly issues related to community association management;
  • Recognize a competitive sales training program; and
  • Understand how to efficiently organize his or her time.

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