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Tuesday, March 6, 2018  
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Orlando REALTOR® | MarchApril 2018

A primer on the Supra "Call Before Showing Code"

Home inspectors are essential partners in a successful real estate transaction. Don’t leave an inspector hanging around outside your listing... know the Call Before Showing (CBS) code for each of your Supra lockboxes!

Only Supra can provide the CBS codes to your lockboxes. If you don’t know or remember your CBS codes, you can retrieve them by visiting SupraWeb and logging into your account. Don’t have a SupraWeb account? Sign up for free at

Read on for FAQs and step-by-step instructions for changing a CBS code on various devices. (Questions? Contact the ORRA Membership Department at 407.513.7282 or

What Is A CBS Code?

Every lockbox contains a Call Before Showing (CBS) code.

>The CBS code allows the listing agent to control lockbox access by requiring the inspectors/pest control/termite inspectors to call for authorization before opening the lockbox.

>If the CBS code is active in a lockbox, it will show as CBS on KIM Web, under the “View Existing LockBoxes” screen for that lockbox. A CBS code would then be required for anyone accessing the lockbox.

Lockboxes purchased from ORRA have deactivated this feature. However, when reprograming your CBS code, following the process below activates this feature and then deactivates it. NOTE: You must complete all steps to avoid leaving this feature active, which would then require the CBS code for all users.

>Certain affiliated keyholders like inspectors/pest control/termite inspectors ALWAYS need a CBS code to access the lockbox, even if CBS is set to "off."

How Can I Find The CBS Code For A Lockbox?

>If you are the owner of the Supra lockbox, you can find the CBS code by visiting the SupraWEB website. You will need the serial number of the lockbox and the shackle code. (A SupraWeb account is required; sign-up for a free account at

>If you are not the owner of the Supra lockbox and are trying to enter a listing, please contact the listing agent for the CBS code.

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