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Friday, January 5, 2018  
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Orlando REALTOR® | JanuaryFebruary 2018
Increase your social media following with ORRA's housing stats resources

Social media is an increasingly vital instrument in the real estate professional’s marketing quiver, particularly as a tool for reaching such objectives as building brand awareness, expanding referral networks, and generating both buyer and seller leads. In fact, a full 74 percent of REALTORS® recently surveyed cited awareness as the main desired outcome of their social media efforts.

The 2017 REALTOR® Social and Digital Media Report, conducted by Realtors® Property Resource (a data-based platform provided as a free member benefit by NAR®), includes findings from an examination of 265 REALTORS® about the way they use digital and social media to build their businesses.

Best Engagement Getters
Photo 53%
Video 21%
Link 20%
Text 6%

Best Business Builders
E-mail 76%
E-newsletter 36%
Digital Ad 33%
Video 31%
Blog 29%
Text Message 26%
Online Brochure 23%
Infographic 18%
Other 5%
Whitepaper 3%
E-book 1%

Facebook and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms for marketing among REALTORS®, with 94 percent of respondents reporting Facebook as most effective at building their businesses followed by LinkedIn at 57 percent.

Nearly half of REALTORS® surveyed, or 48 percent, say they achieve measurable results from their use of social media within their marketing. Respondents said that local market activity receives the highest engagement on social media while school information, on the other hand, triggers the least amount of engagement.

While followers engage best with market activity posts, listings are the most common type of content REALTORS® post to social media, closely followed by buying and home improvement tips.

“Listings are the default post for many REALTORS®,” one respondent said. “But if REALTORS® really want to engage their followers, they need to post less about listings and become a true local market resource. If their clients see them as an expert, their sphere of influence will grow.”

Orlando REALTORS® can turn to ORRA for a never-ending stream of local housing market and pro-Orlando content suitable for sharing with consumers!

ORRA’s social media platforms include regular posts, videos, infographics, etc., related to the market, many also incorporating the “Use A REALTOR®” message. Take advantage of the content by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Links to each are available on each page of

Of course, the Market Pulse e-newsletter is ORRA’s housing statistics workhorse. You probably study it every month, and maybe even forward it to your list of clients (be sure to remove the “unsubscribe” option before you hit “Send.”)

But Market Pulse is just the tip of the iceberg. Each month, ORRA provides a slew of housing market-related resources – video, infographic, narrative analysis, talking points, and of course, a mountain of data reports – that you can utilize in your own marketing efforts, for FREE!

Many of ORRA’s stats resources, for example the video and the infographic, are particularly well suited for social and digital media marketing. For example, some REALTORS® take advantage of the talking points as a springboard for blog post topics, or crop a colorful chart from Market Pulse and post it in Instagram.

Here are additional ideas for putting ORRA’s free housing stats resource to work on your behalf:

>Build anticipation for your blog (or vlog) by crafting a weekly interpretation of the Monday Morning Quarterback Report.

>Post the infographic on Facebook, and link it back to your website.

>Broadcast a live Facebook feed from one of your listings and explain how current stats support market conditions that make it a good time to buy (or sell) a home.

>Tweet a single stat plus a simple explanation on a schedule that fits your routine. Your followers will come to expect these tidbits.

>Embed the video into your e-mail newsletter, or have it be the subject of an e-mail blast.

>Create your own chart in Excel using data from the reports, and post it on Instagram or Facebook. Link the chart back to your website or blog for more detail.

>Pin the infographic to your Pinterest board. Add it to your homepage for a captivating mix of color and information that will keep visitors on your side.

>Post the video on your website.

Study the narrative for a firm grasp on how to explain to consumers where the market is now compared to where it was a year ago.

>Print out color copies of the consumer-friendly charts and graphs in Market Pulse to provide at listing presentations.

ORRA’s housing market stats resources, including archives, are located under the “Research” tab on Tip: The “Current Month” page under “Research” either directly houses or links to all of the most current resources and information.

What’s In A (User) Name

As social networking websites and blogs continue to gain popularity in the real estate marketing world, real estate professionals are striving to create unique and clever usernames that identify them publicly to others viewing the site. “Number1realtor” or “yourorlandorealtor” or “jane_orlando_realtor” may sound like unique usernames, but each of these examples violates the National Association of REALTORS® trademark usage rules as well as the bylaws of the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association.

The rules governing the use of the REALTOR® marks are the same regardless of the medium in which the marks are being used, i.e., print advertising, web advertising, URLs, e-mail addresses, usernames, and more. These rules require the REALTOR® marks to be used with the name of a member or with the legal name of a member broker’s real estate business. A separate rule prohibits use of REALTOR® with descriptive words or phrases. Because domain names must be lowercase and cannot accommodate the R symbol, the requirements to use capitalization and eptable and unacceptable usernames:

Acceptable usernames  | Unacceptable usernames
janesmithrealtor |  realtor
jsmithrealtor | orlandorealtor
smithrealtor | yourorlandorealtor
jane_smith_realtor | your_orlando_realtor
realtorjanesmith | cyberrealtor
realtorjsmith | virtualrealtor
realtorsmith | realtor_mom
realtor_smith | realtorsolution
jane_the_realtor | top_orlando_realtor
jane_a_realtor | number1realtor
realtorjaneorlando | hotshotrealtor
orlandojanerealtor | residentialrealtor

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