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Safety Alert: Man posing as military officer robs ORRA member

Friday, November 10, 2017  
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 A Central Florida REALTOR® wants to warn others about a scam she fell prey to on November 4, when a man who appeared to be in the military arrived at her office to discuss buying a home. However, he ended up stealing cash and credit cards from her purse, racking up about $2,500 on her accounts in the span of a few hours.

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Military-related Red Flags
Contributed by Bob Bowman, Turbow Realty
Chief Warrant Officer-3 (CWO-3)
USMCR, Retired
Vietnam Veteran

The individual showed up dressed in military uniform - While it is not necessarily unusual for a military member to be wearing a uniform, please note that it is perfectly appropriate to ask for a military ID when dealing with a military person. They all have them and must carry it with them at all times. Excuses that they don’t have it with them are suspect.

The individual said he was looking for a home priced somewhere between $4 million and $7 million - This price point is way above what even a major or a general could afford! Officers would be looking at properties in the $500,000 range, max.

The individual said he was stationed in Tampa, but his wife wants to live in Orlando - This scenario is highly unusual unless the service member is deployed, as most spouses are with their military members whenever they are stateside.

The individual is described as around 50 years old - This age is too old for majors in any branch of service. Typically most majors are 38 to 42 years of age; they can retire at 42. It is possible, but highly unlikely, for an enlisted person to be picked up as an officer.

Bob Bowman is an ORRA REALTOR® member. He can be reached at

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