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Global gets down with South America

Monday, October 30, 2017  
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Global Real Estate Council of Orlando sends reps to Panama
The Global Real Estate Council of Orlando in October sent representatives on an economic trade mission to Panama to promote Orlando's real estate opportunities.

The Global Real Estate Council of Orlando, which recently earned platinum-council status from NAR for the fifth consecutive year, meets monthly to discuss doing business with homebuyers and investors from various countries. Representatives also attend trade missions around the globe to promote Orlando real estate and to gain a better understanding of foreign economies.

Most recently several council members visited Panama as part of effort to inform and encourage homebuying in Orlando! Panama is a country located on the isthmus linking North and South America. While in their travels they got tours of the local developments and other city sights of Panama City.

At the Global Real Estate Council of Orlando's October meeting, participants learned about doing business in South America, such as what organizations are available to help real estate agents on both sides of the equator. The event's two speakers, Carmenza Gonzalez and Larissa Ortiz, also shared their experiences with South America and what they’ve learned about the countries along with their cultures and economies. The speakers also discussed what type social interactions are most beneficial to specific countries, and provided a few examples of those always interesting, sometimes embarrassing "do's and dont's." Here are our top five tips:

  1. Learn at least a few phrases and how to pronounce the countries where you do business. 
  2. Recognize that not everyone from South America is the same and respect their differences. 
  3. Expand your network and knowledge through continuing education courses. 
  4. Look for opportunities in unexpected places. You never know who could lead to a sale! 
  5. Stay up-to-date on business practices, currency fluctuation, and news of the countries where you do business. 


 Marilia Neri, Carol Ann Burnette, Larissa Ortiz, Ida A. Santiago, and Carmenza Gonzalez  

Benjamin Urrutia, Joseph Danni, and Didem Hanley       

Dawn J. Roffey, Anna Aveiga, Scot Hartwell, and Latisha Smith 

Carlos Roche and Maggie Urgelles

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