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National Handshake Day holds tips REALTORS®

Thursday, June 29, 2017  
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National Handshake Day

Body language is the cornerstone of conversation. Everything from your posture, eye contact, and a handshake can make-or-break your relationships.

As a REALTOR®, the most well-known form of professional body language is the handshake. In fact, a study from the Income Center for Trade Shows found that people are two times more likely to remember you if you shake hands with them.

Remember that touch is subjective client to client. Be aware of their cultural backgrounds and use this to your advantage. For example, societies such as Southern European, Latin America, and Middle Eastern countries utilize touch as part of their day-to-day communication. However, other societies, such in some Southeast Asian countries, may avoid handshakes and instead greet each other by bowing their head.

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