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My Most Valued Member Benefit

Friday, August 19, 2016  
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Orlando REALTOR® | September/October 2016

  What benefit of REALTOR® membership do you most value?

ORRA's committee volunteers — individuals who are highly involved in the association and personally invested in its success — describe the elements they consider key to continued membership in the REALTOR® organization

Since we work in an industry that is relationship-based, having the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and keeping it at the forefront for all members is of utmost importance to me. I also rely on my REALTOR® membership to keep me current on the issues that affect our industry as well as informed about new technology that enhances or threatens our business.
--Cindy Decoster, Keller Williams Advantage Rlty

The greatest benefit of my REALTOR® organization membership is the pool and quality of education that it makes available to its members. Our education gives us the competence, and the confidence, to represent and serve our buyers and sellers well. This benefit demonstrates the REALTOR® organization’s commitment to its members.
--Valencia Martin, RE/MAX Select

I am very proud to be a member of ORRA! It’s hard to pinpoint just one benefit of membership, but I can single out these as favorites: the annual ORRA Real Estate Expo, free education, market statistics, and the many committees that are available for volunteer service. Not only do these benefits advance my career, they improve REALTOR®-to-consumer relations as well.
--Lawrence Bellido, Keller Williams Advantage III

The most important benefit of membership is being represented by RPAC and by advocacy efforts. REALTORS® have a strong voice, and it’s used to lobby for the protection of property rights and against legislation that would hurt homeowners. The REALTOR® voice also keeps taxes in check and keeps our schools strong.
--Cindy Egeli, Keller Williams Winter Park

One of the greatest benefits of belonging to the REALTOR® family is the knowledge I’ve gained from serving on different committees. Through the years I have served my local and state associations proudly. One of my favorite committee service appointments is the ORRA Grievance Committee, as the REALTOR® Code of Ethics is constantly reinforced and discussed. Plus, the friendships I’ve made by serving are priceless.
--Maggie DeGennaro, Keller Williams Heritage Realty

The courses and councils for special business interests offer so much value! For example, the growing ORRA Commercial Council promotes commercial education and peer communication as well as offers scholarships to members for CCIM courses. I’ve also benefitted personally by serving on committees and getting to know some of our most ethical and experienced REALTORS®.
--Brenda Bray, Keller Williams Heritage Realty

One of the greatest benefits to REALTOR® membership in my opinion is ORRA’s housing market statistics. The information in the ORRA Market Pulse e-report — data, graphics, video, narrative analysis, infographic, etc. — is second to none. Add in the zip code reports and the weekly summaries, plus available info about the state and national markets, and you’ve got an enormous value.
--Tansey Soderstrom, Real Estate Firm of Orlando

As an affiliate member of ORRA, I feel a benefit is serving on committees and taking on leadership roles. This is how I learn where I can help REALTOR® members grow and succeed in their businesses. I have gained a variety of contacts and resources as a member that help me daily in my business. It has opened doors for me, and made me a better person and professional.
--Tara Corriveau Merritt, SecurityNational Mortgage Company, Inc.

ORRA has invaluable educational and training programs. I will mention just one of them, the Global Real Estate Council of Orlando, because it is the reason why I volunteer at ORRA. The council has secured NAR’s highest achievement award due the level of education that it provides to members, including CIPS classes plus networking and business outreach missions that promote the value of Orlando real estate to international homebuyers.
--Cleberto Copetti, Real Estate Compass LLC

REALTOR® membership benefits do not stop with dues paid, but extends to free educational benefits that will take any new or existing real estate agent and broker to higher levels of success. Playing an active role in various committees within the association benefits and enhances our Real Estate Industry in front of customers. PATH TO SUCCESS STARTS HERE.
--Jay Bachwani, Empire Network Realty

Education! The member volunteers on the ORRA Professional Development Forum operate efficiently in vetting courses and instructors to ensure REALTOR® value, and our world class ORRA Professional Development Department effortlessly organizes and delivers hundreds of quality educational opportunities for our REALTORS® members’ year end and year out.
--Dana Ward, Real Estate Closing Solutions

Things are constantly changing but through the educational programs that are available at ORRA, the relevant information seems to always be available. The Global Real Estate Council of Orlando, for example, has provided us with opportunities to educate REALTORS® on our services and to learn and network with others which provides business opportunities.
--Kelly Cutchen, MoneyCorp

The greatest benefit I get from being involved with ORRA committees as well as Global Real Estate Council of Orlando and the Women’s Council of REALTORS® is the opportunity to attend the many educational classes they provide, along with the opportunity to network and mastermind with the top agents in Central Florida.
--Cassie Lamoureauxx, Keller Williams Classic Realty

 If you want to further your knowledge in any aspect of real estate go to ORRA. If you want to get involved in the community go to ORRA. If you want to find a mentor among your real estate peers go to ORRA. ORRA will keep you informed, give you tools, and teach you how to use those tools in your business. ORRA is the place to be for dedicated REALTORS®!
--Alicia Spears, Alicia Spears Realty

Newer licensees tend to think, “I need ORRA to get MLS” or “I’m a member because my broker is registered.” I want to debunk that way of thinking! ORRA isn’t just the MLS or an organization designed to take your money. ORRA offers much more than that. ORRA offers OPPORTUNITY, and it’s what you do with that opportunity that creates the real value.
--Rachel Ruffing, Keller Williams Advantage III

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