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Major Investors, Major RPAC Support

Friday, July 1, 2016  
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Orlando REALTOR® | JulyAugust 2016

  Why Do You Support RPAC?

ORRA's Major Investors — the folks who make the greatest contributions to the REALTORS® Political Action Committee — share why they supports its mission

 My investment in RPAC continues to encourage lawmakers in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C., to make downpayment assistance dollars available to homebuyers, to keep FHA loan limits high and down payments affordable, and to keep mortgage Interest deductions as an important part of the IRS code. RPAC is insurance for our industry!
--Mike McGraw, RE/MAX Town & Country Realty

I believe the only way we can keep the real estate business and the real estate industry moving forward in sync with the REALTOR® mission, goal, and livelihood is to support RPAC. It is the only hand we have to speak for us where decisions are made.
--Ataul Haq, Best Orlando Living Realty

It's important to encourage efforts to elect candidates who support the interests of the real estate profession and of our livelihood. Through relationships with these pro-REALTOR® candidates, we help develop, advance, and implement legislative objectives that affect the business of real estate and that protect the individual rights of the private-property owner.
--Dan Lopez, Legends Realty

I voluntarily give to RPAC because I believe in our industry and profession. It’s important to support candidates who understand and support our interests and issues. I would like to make sure that homeownership will continue and that REALTORS® have a voice where decisions are made.
--Zola Szerencses, Keller Williams Winter Park

I support RPAC because it is a REALTOR® member benefit with the sole purpose of addressing issues that directly impact our profession and our industry.
--Stephen Baker, RE/MAX Central

RPAC works towards protecting the property rights of all property owners. They also play an integral part in protecting the programs that assist me in being a successful real estate professional. RPAC also screens politicians to ensure the candidates understand and work towards protecting the REALTOR® rights and programs that benefit all of us.
--Joseph Doher, BHHS Results Realty

Monies given by ALL of us to RPAC provide the funds to help elect local, state, and national lawmakers who will consider and pass important real estate legislation. This legislation assists us in our real estate duties, and it ensures that current and future families continue to enjoy the Great American Dream. We might not always agree, but we always focus on the long term gain. Get involved!
--Sandy Schupp, HER Realtors

Why I give to RPAC? 1. Because I care about the future of our profession and investing in RPAC is my way to protect my business and livelihood. 2. Because it gives us REALTORS® a voice in politics and is the way to ensure our voice is heard in local, state, and federal governmental offices as the issues that impact our industry are discussed. 3. Because RPAC protects homeownership and private-property rights.
--Christian Bohyn, Christian Bohyn, REALTOR

RPAC serves to protect private-property rights from government overreach in addition to protecting our REALTOR® independent contractor position. Without this lobbying effort we could be forced into paying sales tax on our commissions and we could be considered employees, which furthers the strain on profits for our brokers.
--Randy Martin, Charles Rutenberg Realty

I have been investing in RPAC for a long time. It is an "insurance policy" for our business in protecting REALTORS® and consumers from onerous rules through financing, legislation, and/or government. Collectively, as a group, we have a powerful "voice” and no one else is going to protect the entire housing transaction like REALTORS®! Get involved and you will understand!
--Kathleen Gallagher McIver, RE/MAX Town & Country Realty

As a commercial broker, I can say that it is vital for us to communicate with our legislators to try and address issues that affect our livelihood. RPAC is an effective lobbying group that has to be heard! We also need to remember that part of our RPAC money goes to issues mobilization activities, such as opposing the current sales tax on commercial real estate.
--Charles Brenner, C Brenner Inc

I support RPAC because there is strength in numbers. A few together can do wonders to protect our industry.
--Jim Batenchuk, Charles Rutenberg Realty

I give to RPAC because it is the greatest investment I can make to protect the industry that I count on to earn my living. I also give to RPAC to defend and protect the rights of all property owners.
--Bruce Elliott, Regal R.E. Professionals LLC

I give to RPAC in order to support homeownership rights for me, my family, and the communities I serve. It's important to be a unified voice and to support those legislators with good business sense towards the issues that impact our Industry. Together we make RPACS’ impact fierce!
--Cindy DeCoster, Keller Williams Advantage Rlty

I invest in RPAC because legislators are under constant pressure to do more with less. Homeownership matters. Private-property rights matter. Mortgage interest and real estate tax deductions matter. Tax-deferred exchanges are important. Unless REALTORS® are fighting for these important issues, we will be sacrificed for others.
--Lou Nimkoff, Brio Real Estate Services LLC

I believe that we as REALTORS® have a duty to our customers and clients to protect private-property rights both locally and nationally and that we have a duty to protect our profession. I have personally experienced what RPAC can do with the sales tax on services here in Florida as we stood our ground and then watched its defeat. The REALTOR® Party works with both sides of the aisle.
--Bob Caldwell, Caldwell Realty Services

I give to RPAC to make sure the market is strong and vibrant for decades to come, and to ensure the future of our business.
--Theodora Uniken Venema, Downtown Brokers LLC

I invest in RRAC because my investments go to protecting our business. Through the REALTOR® Party we support those who believe in private property rights and in making sure that the American dream of homeownership is preserved. RPAC dollars have been used to keep flood insurance available, to keep banks out of real estate, and to protect our industry.
--Dick Fryer, Southern Style Real Estate

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