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Orlando REALTORS® Most Appreciated Nicety

Wednesday, May 25, 2016  
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Orlando REALTOR® | MayJune 2016

  What nicety do you appreciate most from your fellow REALTORS®?

ORRA members share the little actions that always draws their gratitude

 The nicety that I most appreciate from my fellow REALTORS® is when they will go out of their way to help solve a problem — especially when it doesn't have anything to do with them. I incurred a situation where I couldn't find HOA information. I contacted a REALTOR® who had sold a property in the area and he gladly assisted me in obtaining the info.
--Jessie Sangil
, Lovera Realty LLC

I am always so thankful when a buyer's agent offers to pick up my lockbox from a listing during the final walkthrough and bring it to closing. It is such a simple thing, but can save me a trip to the listing; many times the lockbox is my only reason to return after closing. I always try to do the same for others during my final walks.
--Tara Moore, RE/MAX Select

I appreciate when a listing agent sends the executed contract to the title company and copies to all the other key parties involved. It could just as easily be done by the buyer's agent but since the seller usually picks the title company, it's so nice to get that "warm" intro to the person who will be handling the file.
--Megan Sladek, SunFlorida Realty

I appreciate every agent or broker who takes the time to fill out the auto feedback form on listings. It really helps bond the community and create cooperative solutions. I also appreciate callbacks the same day.
--Gary Balanoff
, RE/MAX Select

It sounds simple, and it is, but what is often most pleasing is just the courtesy of a quickly returned call, good communication, or an open mind.
--Ron Kaplan, Keller Williams Winter Park

More properties are shown on weekends than during the week, and many offers are submitted on a Sunday evening. The thing I appreciate the most is a pleasant confirmation that the offer has been received and will be submitted to the seller the next day. I don't think any of us expect another to work 24/7, but it only takes a moment to say “thank you for your offer.”
--Lesley Wilson VanGoethem, Innovative Realty Solutions Gr

The simple act of notifying you if a showing appointment is not going to be kept or if buyers are running late or early. This is especially true if they are advised that the sellers leave for the showing. This little bit of courtesy separates the professionals from the rest of the pack.
--Warren Bonnet,Keller Williams Heritage Realty

I appreciate courtesy and professionalism at all times. When under contract, I especially appreciate full communication and teamwork; I take pride in my real estate business and hope all fellow REALTORS® do the same. Our reputation with both clients and colleagues is just so important.
--Christina Lameirao
, Keller Williams Advantage III Realty

I appreciate complete offer packages contained in reasonably sized PDF files, and agents who use DocuSign and can turn around paperwork quickly.
--Anne-Marie Wurzel, Coldwell Banker Residential RE

I so love when my colleagues return phone calls in a timely matter. Communication is so key in having a successful sales process.
--Maggie DeGennaro, Keller Williams Heritage Realty

I appreciate when listing agents upload sellers disclosures and offer guidelines to the MLS. It takes all of the guesswork out of the process.
--Jenny Wemert, Keller Williams Advantage 2 Realty

The relationship that we REALTORS® have with each other is as important as the relationship we have with our clients as we are going to do many transactions over the years. I always stress to my agents how important it is to develop quality respectful long-term relationships with other agents in the market, and I appreciate when other REALTORS® do the same.
--Nick Burrafato, Gallery of Homes Real Estate Professionals

It is so appreciated when a REALTOR® gives feedback on their showings of our listings. We need this to show the sellers that what we are telling them is also the feeling of the majority of other REALTORS® who are showing their home. It’s also important to see where our listings can use some improvement, and what is working wonderfully with the listing.
--Beverly Shine, BHHS Florida Realty

In addition to clean and complete offers, I always appreciate prompt replies to tests, phone calls, or e-mails, even if it’s simply to acknowledge receipt of a document. We have so many people involved in a transaction. It is always helpful when the lender/title/other agent communicates since we are all working together towards the same goal.
--Lisa Jones, Vantage Point Realty Co.

Common courtesy and professionalism go a long way in the real estate industry. Timely responses to e-mails, calls, and texts are appreciated as well. Valid listing information is also important. Some agents push the limits on this, and there is nothing worse than showing up to show and home and the clients feel it’s a waste of time due to the invalid info.
--Rich Vesely, Coldwell Banker Residential RE

I really appreciate getting prompt feedback from showing agents. The sellers really want this feedback, and I find it very unprofessional that some agents, no matter how many times or ways they are contacted, simply do not have the courtesy to give feedback.
--Carol Savchuk, Charles Rutenberg Realty

REALTORS® are not all the same! Some are the most thoughtful, caring, and professional people I have ever met. How great it is to receive a properly completed contract! It is always a pleasure to work with someone who is a professional, even if we don’t go to contract!
--Bruce Elliott, Regal R.E. Professionals LLC

The most important thing a REALTOR® can do is be respectful and professional. That encompasses it all. Return calls promptly and be polite in your conversations. All are part of being respectful and professional. Remember the Golden Rule!
--Cynthia Egeli, Cynthia Egeli

Feedback on showings!
--Colleen Murphy, Charles Rutenberg Realty

I like REALTORS® that call back and answer texts quickly the best. That alleviates buyers’ and sellers’ anxiety and allows both REALTORS® to show their professional expertise. It is also great customer service. I want to repeat closings with those same REALTORS® so inclined to show their properties whenever I get a chance!
--Trina Koehler, Solid Rock Realty

Prompt replies and sending feedback after showings.
--Laura Vogel, Watson Realty Corp

Frankly I would just like to go back to the “old days” when REALTORS locked home up properly and left business cards on counters for sellers. If REALTORS® can’t remember to lock up after showing maybe they are showing too many homes.
--Margaret Summers, Coldwell Banker Residential RE

I greatly appreciate when a listing agent contacts me to let me know a property has gone under contract before I show it. Saves time for me and my buyers.
--JoAnn Best, Charles Rutenberg Realty

Communication is key in facilitating a successful transaction. I respect a considerate REALTOR who is fast-acting to communicate and resolve. Having a dysfunctional transaction has a negative impact and creates an unhealthy stress level that can be avoided. The customer will appreciate and recognize your professionalism. “Win Win”
--Janice Welch, RE/MAX Town Centre

A professional completed contract with all appropriate disclosures and proof of funds or pre-approval attached always lets me know I’m dealing with professional on the other side of the transaction!
--MaryDell Penny, Redfin

Understandably, we can’t always give a quick response. But any response is appreciated and one that is pleasant and upbeat is terrific! Please don’t speak as though you are in a rush and are being inconvenienced; if you don’t like doing this anymore, please don’t! you are not doing your clients any good.
--Gigi Capria, Gosselin Realty

Professionalism, answering the phone, honesty.
--Maggie Welsh, Orlando Classic Homes of FL

Feedback on a showing is my number one item; it’s just nice to have that information to share with the seller. So many agents do not even bother replying to the feedback form or even to the e-mails that I send.
--Greg Mann, Greater Orlando Realty USA, Inc

I wish more REALTORS® would give feedback from showings. Everyone is so anxious to get the showing instructions, but we rarely give any feedback.
--Dave Bolton, Real Executives of Central Florida

I love when my fellow REALTORS® who are unable pick up the phone respond promptly to an e-mail about a listing of their that I want to either show or submit an offer. A return text for a phone call is also very nice. It’s important for us to communicate as quickly as possible for our customers.
--Karlene Grimes, Keller Williams Advantage III

It would be wonderful if all our fellow REALTORS treated each other with common courtesy and respect. We are all here to do the same job. I’d like it if we stopped treating each other like we’re enemies and more like the partners in real estate that we are.
--Deena Carvajal, RE/MAX Innovation

Provide feedback from showings.
--Ruth Weeks, Weichert Realtors Hallmark Pro

--Diane Bonheim, Keller Williams Heritage Realty

I love it when I am working with a true real estate professional. By this I mean one that is, first of all, pleasant and prompt in responding as, to me, communication is right up there with service and ethics. I try to always be pleasant myself, and helpful in every way possible. And, I do spell REALTOR® in all caps!
--Suzi Karr, Suzi Karr Realty

I appreciate professionalism from my fellow REALTORS®, which includes being friendly, honest, and as quick as possible with returning phone calls and showing instructions. Many times I drive to the home and the lockbox combo is wrong or just simply not there. We are all trying to make a living, and it is so much easier to work with friendly, upbeat REALTORS®.
--Brihitte Knott, Charles Rutenberg Realty

I appreciate when a REALTOR® answers their phone is a professional manner, returns calls themselves (not an associate or assistant), is courteous as to provide an environment for a smooth transaction, and last but not least, actually provides feedback after showing a property when prompted by the e-mail.
--Shelley Davis, Greater Orlando Realty Properties

Returned calls and timely communication always stands out and is greatly appreciated.
--Valeria Boldt, Charles Rutenberg Realty

 I appreciate professional acknowledgement and responses to offers, without negative comments if the offer is less than what was hoped for.
--Cheryl Geluso, RE/MAX Assured


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