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Thursday, November 5, 2015  
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Orlando REALTOR® | NovemberDecember 2015

Form Simplicity has created a single place for brokers to store all agents' transactions

Form Simplicity, a free Florida REALTORS® benefit that is available to all ORRA members, has added “Broker Transaction Management” into its cloud-based platform.

                Matrix Policy Change

Selling agent IDs will soon be required when listings change to Active with Contract (AWC) or Pending (PNC) in the Matrix system.

Listing agents will be responsible for inputting this information into Matrix. The Selling Agent ID field will display highlighted in yellow like other required fields.

Only the listing agent, selling agent, and the brokers associated with the transaction will be able to see the selling agent information on the AWC or PNC listing. If a listing goes back to Active status the field will be cleared of the selling agent ID.

Tip: If you have an office admin who adds and edits your listings, let them know who the selling agent is when the request is made to change the listing status to AWC or PNC.

Questions? Contact the MFRMLS Call Center at 800.686.


Broker Transaction Management creates a single place within Form Simplicity for real estate brokers to manage, review, approve, track, and store every agent’s transaction activity from beginning to end.

The tool creates a customizable, automated, paperless review process that helps safeguard brokerage transactions. Through Broker Transaction Management, brokers can collaborate with agents throughout the review process to ensure accuracy and streamline the workflow. It allows brokers to track emails and texts for every transaction and allows brokers to evaluate, comment on and approve all forms digitally submitted by their agents.

The Broker Transaction Management tool gives brokers access to a customizable, color-coded, checklist system to view agent activity by transaction type. The Broker Review feature allows agents to electronically submit completed contracts to their broker for final approval. During the review, each party is automatically alerted if either the broker or agent adds comments. Once a broker marks the submission as complete or incomplete, Form Simplicity automatically notifies an agent of the change in status. The review process logs all comments and activities.

More information is available through or by calling 888.784.5404.

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