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Tuesday, August 25, 2015  
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Orlando REALTOR® | September\October 2015

Better, more accurate comps lead the list of additions and improvements to RPR (a FREE member benefit!)

REALTORS® Property Resource system, a nationwide property database and central information source provided free to members by the National Association of REALTORS®, has unveiled a series of new features and enhancements:

Comp Analysis

The new RPR Comp Analysis tool allows REALTORS® to more precisely pinpoint a price range for clients buying or selling property. The tool is a step-by-step wizard that walks you through the process to validate basic facts about a subject property, select comps, and adjust those comps to yield a customized and flexible Comp Analysis Result. You can even enter a recommended price that may be derived from, or completely independent of, any comps calculation.

This new tool will be a great help in pricing discussions with clients and in generating price ranges that are both quantitative as well as qualitative.


Features of RPR’s new mapping platform include:

Geographic boundaries
Effortlessly turn metros, counties, cities, and ZIP code boundaries on and off. Geographic areas can be selected individually or in groups for search, using the menu at the top of the map.

Customizable search areas
Search by drawing your own custom area with the box or polygon search tool, or search around a single point using the radius search tool. In polygon mode, you can draw using as many points as you like. All custom search areas can be saved and recalled.

Flood zone data
Turn on and off FEMA flood map overlays. Flood overlays are available at every zoom level on the map, and are generated real-time from the latest available data.

Year built overlay
Turn on the Year Built layer to see the age of the housing stock in an area.

Drive time or distance
Choose a point on the map and then see all the properties for sale that are within a x-mile or x-minute drive of a location, allowing you to more readily identify properties that meet clients’ needs.


RPR currently has five types of reports available: property, mini, seller’s, market activity, and neighborhood. The new Reports Generation Page allows you to select and easily turn off or on certain sections of each report to suit your audience. You also can more easily customize your report covers using controls on the same page.

For more information about REALTORS® Property Resource, visit the RPR website.

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