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Tuesday, May 26, 2015  
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Orlando REALTOR® | May/June 2015

By Sharon Voss

You’re probably already aware that I’m a huge supporter of the REALTOR® Political Action Committee, with its political and legislative doings. So naturally, this makes the annual REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo one of favorite events. Being able to personally represent Orlando REALTORS® during this year’s event as we sought to advance the real estate industry and public policy made it all the sweeter.

Along with other governmental affairs minded REALTORS®, I met with Rep. Corrine Brown, Rep. John Mica, and Sen. Bill Nelson. (Rep. Mica, a frequent visitor to ORRA, even treated us to a twilight tour of the Capitol.) Important issues we discussed with our legislators included:

*The need to reform our nation’s housing finance system, due to the unsustainable conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac;

*The need to oppose proposals that would weaken or repeal real estate tax provisions;

*The need to extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act;

*The need to provide relief from patent trolls who game the system to extract money from real estate firms;

*The need enact data security legislation that does not create onerous burdens for small business; and

*The need to end discrimination against affiliate businesses in the Qualified Mortgage (QM) rule.

Back home, one of my favorite ORRA events of the year is our annual RPAC fundraiser. Besides serving the important function of making a ton of money to support REALTOR® candidates and issues, it’s always a ton of fun (check out that picture of me and Zola from last year’s auction as proof).

This year the auction will be held on July 10 at the Country Club of Orlando. We’re planning a Kentucky Derby-style theme and activities such as a fancy hat contest. Of course there will be lots of great items to bid on (silent or live), and it all goes towards RPAC. Last year we were able to generate more than $30,000. Let’s aim to top that in 2015!

Head over to the ORRA website to register; hope to see you there (I’ll be the one in the ginormous hat).


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