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Risk Management and the REALTOR® Education Mix

Friday, December 26, 2014  
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By Dean Vanderpool

Working as a professional REALTOR® in an ever-changing market environment requires the agility to re-adapt on a continual basis. But too often REALTORS® don’t have the time for all the education they need just to stay current with new regulations, upgrades in technology, forms management, new computer operating platforms, professional standards, safety issues, office management, farming techniques, and a horde of other issues. Add in some risk management, and the list grows again!

Education is the key to surviving the tide of changes. So to be effective, REALTORS® have to look to those education programs that are packed with both information and hidden risk management benefits. The kind of benefits that have meat on them. The kind you can take back to the office and implement immediately right out of the box.

While attending a recent education seminar on recent changes in the laws and regulations for property managers, the instructor gave a thorough review on the effects the new regulations would have on licensees. The information received in the class was more than sufficient to inform and prepare the attendee for the immediate future. Also contained in the materials and handouts the attendee was able to take with them were resources that were as valuable as the information provided during the class. The instructor had provided links to a website that made available completely updated forms for residential property management. Every form from the initial application to the final eviction process was provided. The supplied forms differed slightly according to the municipality or county where the property was located. Combined, the forms provided a complete line of property management forms for the individual property owner as well as the seasoned professional property manager. Attendees were invited to copy and use the forms with the full assurance the attendee was using the most accurate form and information available.

The Advance Brokerage Management course is an education course that was specifically developed by the education department at ORRA to meet the demands of brokers who are opening their own offices. The instructor has done a wonderful job in providing the education and information to allow any broker to set up and run an efficient brokerage office. But also provided within the documentation for the course are numerous sample forms for brokerage management, references to web sites for technology changes and for effective information storage, a guide to technology including data back-up and file security, safety standards, changes in brokerages laws and many more subjects necessary for the sound operation of any brokerage office. Once again, the course manual and handouts are packed with numerous references to resources and sites that are available to the broker. Resources such as a forms packages that, when used by the broker, will insure the office is in full compliance with Florida laws and regulations.

While education is key to the REALTOR'S® ability to adapt and plan for the future, by simply using the forms and resources provided during the education program the REALTOR® is instantly in full compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the real estate industry.

The benefits of the information, forms, and resources is the comfort that comes with knowing you are in conformance and you are protected. And, finally, by having taken both classes, the attendee fulfilled two of the course requirements towards completion of ORRA’s Risk Management Certification program.

Dean Vanderpool, Devan Realty and Development Corporation, is chairman of the ORRA Professional Development Forum. He can be reached at

 ORRA frequently schedules classes, workshops, and online offerings related to risk management. Check the ORRA Calendar often, as new classes are continually being added to the education lineup.

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