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Tuesday, November 4, 2014  
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Orlando REALTOR® | November/December 2014

Search inside yourself for clues to a niche market that will help you business thrive

By Julie Collins

Many real estate agents mistakenly believe that they aren’t good candidates for niche marketing or that they can’t afford to specialize. The truth is, there are many excellent reasons to claim your niche and many ways to do it.

For example, a niche built on geography is one common and successful approach. (Just be careful about claiming a territory that’s too large and diluting your credibility as a niche specialist.)

Niches can also be built on:

--Certain types of properties (such as new construction, historical homes, downtown lofts;

--Expert knowledge about special types of real estate transactions (investment properties, homebuyer assistance);

--Shared hobbies and interests (pet rescue, gardening, community involvement); or

--Types of buyers/sellers (first-time buyers, relocation, age-restricted housing).

Be sure to consider what’s “too narrow” and what’s “too broad.” Often, the answer relies on blending various niche possibilities into something that uniquely defines “you.” (Example: a suburban agent who concentrates on helping apartment-dwellers in My Town achieve homeownership by offering credit repair assistance.)

Niche marketing is a tried-and-true strategy that works especially well for real estate agents. Why? The simple answer is that any business built on one person or a small team usually finds it very difficult to stand out and compete successfully in a large and crowded field. But if that same business decides to zero in on a particular segment of the market, they have a very good chance of attracting people who are interested in that niche. Other compelling reasons include:

Marketing becomes easier

Real estate generalists are abundant. But if you can articulate exactly what type of client you’re trying to attract, you’ll find that broad and vague website messages about your services can be turned into sharp, crisp communications. This is partly because you’ve clearly and precisely identified your target audience. But it’s also because you’re now using the same language that your prospective clients use and your messages resonate more strongly with them. Narrowing your focus also makes it easier to pinpoint where and how to reach your audience.

It’s easier to win with search engines

You want buyers and sellers to find you when they search online, right? That’s pretty difficult if you’re trying to be among the top 10 results when a buyer searches for “Orlando real estate,” for example. On the other hand, it would be much easier to rank on page one if your chosen niche was “lake homes near Orlando” or “downtown Orlando condos.” Adding a blog that includes keyword-rich content specific to your niche is the best way to achieve these results.

It gets better and better

Staying focused on one area of specialization lets you continue expanding your expertise. In addition to gaining more knowledge, you’ll develop new ways to deliver the best possible service to your clients. And when you “wow” a client, your odds of earning referral business from them improve dramatically.

Specialists have a higher perceived value

People are usually willing to pay more for the services of experts than generalists. While real estate agents typically have limited control over their compensation, it’s probably fair to say that if clients view you as an “expert,” they will (accurately) perceive that you’re delivering more value to them and will rarely question whether your compensation was “justified.”

You’ll enjoy your work more

Ideally, your chosen niche is based on an interest you are genuinely drawn to. Maybe it’s a certain type of property that reflects your passions (like log homes) or working with a certain type of client (like helping military families or the elderly). Most people agree that work becomes fun if they’re surrounded by the things they care about most — or people who share their interests.

You’re in the driver’s seat

You are the one who gets to pick your area of specialization. That doesn’t mean that all niches work equally well. You still have to research your market and make smart decisions. (No matter how much you love horses, for example, a successful niche in equine properties in an urban market is highly unlikely.)

Niche marketing is a powerful way to own a special “sweet spot” in the larger real estate market. You get to shine a bright light on what you do best and enjoy most. Most agents who choose this path say that once they seriously committed to specialization, the rewards greatly outweighed their initial concerns.

Julie Collins, BlueStem Marketing ( ), is a consultant who specializes in real estate niche marketing. She can be reached at

Getting Started With A Niche
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