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Tuesday, November 4, 2014  
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Orlando REALTOR® | November/December 2014

Only members of the REALTOR® organization
can use the new top level domain .REALTOR

You know that website addresses end with the domain extension .com. And you’re probably seen others that end in .org, .edu, and .gov.

But did you know that hundreds – if not thousands – of new domain extensions will exist soon? That’s why NAR has secured the new .REALTOR domain. Like the term REALTOR®, only REALTORS® will be able to use .REALTOR domains, making it the clearest was to show consumers you are a member of NAR, adhere to a higher standard of ethics, and are a source they can trust.

There’s more to the .REALTOR domain than establishing a branded destination for consumers:

--Search engines like Google are focused on delivering relevant results, having a .REALTOR domain will tell them what kind of content to expect on your site, making it more likely that you will show up first when a consumer is searching for a REALTOR®.

--You don’t have to use valuable characters to the left of the dot to incorporate REALTOR® into your domain name, allowing you to focus on selecting the best domain for you.

--.REALTOR offers a clean slate of domain names to choose from, whereas most desirable domains are already taken in .com.

--The .REALTOR TLD directly connects YOU to the $5 billion REALTOR® brand, delivering additional branding and marketing value – just like placing the NAR logo on your business cards or your wearing REALTOR® lapel pin has in the past.

--The .REALTOR extension can only be used by REALTORS®, immediately proving your membership and status as a REALTOR®.

--Because the .REALTOR domain shares the REALTOR® name, it will continue to communicate positive attributes of trust, professionalism, community and expertise to consumers.

--.REALTOR will bring order and consistency to the currently disorganized real estate space on the Internet.

--Empowers NAR to set standards of professionalism and use that differentiates the .REALTOR domain from all others.

To learn more, and to claim one of the 500,000 .REALTOR domains that NAR is giving away free, visit




Saving Your Search

After running your search, scroll to the bottom of your search results, click the “Save” button, then click “New Saved Search” from the blue bar.

Type in a name for your search.

If you want to assign this search to one of your Contacts, click the drop down box “Contact” and select one of your Contacts. If this drop down box is empty, you do not have any contacts and need to click “Create a New Contact”.

To complete the save, click the “Save” button.

Accessing Your Saved Search

To access your saved search, click the “My Matrix” tab, then click “Saved Searches”

On this page, you will find all your saved searches. The display for each search includes the name, any description you entered, the contact name it’s assigned to (if any), and the date and time you last ran the search.

Click the “subject” line of the search to access more options for the Saved Search.

Settings: Click the “Settings” button to change the settings for the search (search name, contact, enable as favorite).

Revise: Click the “Criteria” button to revise the search criteria.

Results: Click the “Results” button to rerun the search and retrieve all matching listings.

Date Since: Click the “Date Since” button to see all new or changed listings that match your criteria since the last time you ran the search. This will update the time stamp to the date and time that you clicked “Date Since.”

Market Update: Click the “Market Update” button to see either the updated listings since the last run, or by specifying a specific date range.

Delete Search: To delete one or more searches, either click the “Delete” button on the gray bar, or click the select check box next to the search(es) and then click the “X Delete” button on the bottom left of the page.

For more tips and tutorials on using Matrix visit

Source: MFRMLS

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