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Friday, August 29, 2014  
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Orlando REALTOR® | September/October 2014

By Zola Szerencses

It’s that time a year again… time to renew your REALTOR® membership. So that makes it a perfect time for me to go over just some of what you get from ORRA in return for your $250 in annual dues:

--You get access to hundreds of classes — tons at no cost — that fulfill your CE requirements, earn you a designation, or sharpen your skills.

--You, your profession, and your market receive protection when ORRA represents REALTORS® before local municipalities and governmental agencies. ORRA ensures that the REALTOR® voice is heard as they debate taking action on issues that are critical to the real estate industry, such as school improvement taxation.

--You are supplied with voting guides for local elections. ORRA does all the work of interviewing candidates and determining the most REALTOR®-friendly, so you don’t have to.

--When you are watching TV with your friends or family and one of ORRA’s terrific “Use A REALTOR®” public awareness commercials comes on, you get to laugh and take ownership. You can rest assured that ORRA’s multi-media campaign is working to ensure the public knows the value of a REALTOR®.

--You are offered reams of pre-crunched local housing market data, and you can use the reports and charts and videos (oh my!) in your own marketing.

--You receive invitations to attend networking and educational functions designed for REALTORS® who have a special interest in property management, international real estate, or commercial real estate.

--You get to rake in savings from the deals and discounts made available only to REALTORS® (don’t forget that both NAR and Florida REALTORS® also offer discounts).

--You can tell your clients with pride about ORRA’s charitable arm, the Florida Real Estate Foundation, and about its affordable housing programs for Orlando’s workforce and veteran population.

--You can participate in community service projects coordinated by ORRA to enhance the REALTOR® image. You might even earn a donation from ORRA to your favorite charity by entering ORRA’s Good Neighbor Awards program.

--Most of all, you get the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. You get to explain to your clients that as a REALTOR®, you adhere to a higher standard of education and professionalism than those who simply hold a real estate license. And, you get to describe the processes that ORRA has in place for handling disagreements, and the consequences for those found guilty of violating the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.

All of this without even counting stuff like membership events, the ORRA REALTOR® Store,, or Orlando REALTOR® magazine. Stay tuned for more, because we are continually adding benefits to increase the value of your membership.

If you ever want to discuss what ORRA does — or doesn’t — offer to its membership, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. In fact, you are welcome to reach out to any of ORRA’s leadership; our e-mail addresses and phone numbers are always posted on the website.

ORRA is giving you the opportunity to select who you would like those leaders to be. Take advantage of it, and vote in the 2015 ORRA Leadership Election!

ORRA Chairman of the Board Zola Szerencses, RE/MAX 200 Realty, is available at


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