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Selling Houses, Building Communities

Monday, April 7, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lisa McDuffie
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Orlando REALTOR® | January/February 2014

By Zola Szerencses

Right now, I’m particularly proud to be a REALTOR®. That’s because thanks to the efforts of Orlando REALTORS®, six veterans will soon have their dreams of homeownership brought to life.

ORRA’s charitable arm, the Florida Real Estate Foundation, has been given the full-steam-ahead green light on its newest Art In Architect project. Like every Art In Architect project, this one is intended to provide attractive, affordable homes to income-qualified individuals. But it goes a step further. The plan calls for creating a community around the homes, a community that is both physical (shared green space and connectivity) and emotional (available supportive services) in nature.

While it’s true that REALTORS® are all about making the dream of homeownership come true, it’s also true that REALTORS® are all about building community. That’s why so many of us are active in community service, and why ORRA as an organization places so much emphasis on community.

From acknowledging its members’ service to supporting events, ORRA is always in the community mix. For example, last year alone ORRA:

  • Held a community service video contest for members;
  • Featured a member’s community service activity in each issue of Orlando REALTOR® magazine;
  • Hosted an educational event focused on Orange County schools;
  • Planned two homeowner workshops for military personnel;
  • Coordinated two educational rides on SunRail; and
  • Created “Team REALTOR®” for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk (we raised $10,000).

Even our Young Professionals Network coordinates at least two community service projects each year!

ORRA also throws its weight behind public initiatives that seek to improve our communities and our residents’ quality of life. ORRA’s backing of SunRail and its sponsorship of the recent Central Florida transportation summit.

REALTORS® don’t just sell houses, they sell and build communities. So we, as individuals and as ORRA, should all be doing our part to build a better community.

ORRA Chairman of the Board Zola Szerencses, RE/MAX 200 Realty, is available at


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