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New logo kicks off ORRA’s rebranding campaign

Wednesday, December 11, 2013  
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Welcome to the grand unveiling of ORRA's new logo! 

The transformed logo is just one of the dramatic results of an all-hands-on-deck effort by the 2013 ORRA Communications Committee to provide ORRA with an updated and attention-grabbing presence.

"The previous logo was 12 years old,” says 2013 ORRA Chairman Steve Merchant, Global Realty International. "The real estate industry has changed substantially since it was first introduced, so the ORRA Board of Directors agreed with the committee’s rationale that now was the time to put forth a strongly branded identity to the community and to the members.”

Laurel Kellett, RE/MAX Properties SW, Inc., 2013 chairman of the communications committee, explains that particular consideration went into the logo because it represents not only ORRA itself, but also the individual REALTOR® and even the real estate industry as a whole. The logo’s icon, lettering placement, and colors were all selected for a specific purpose; the color palette, for example, was chosen because it evokes strength and professionalism and at the same time is both warm and modern.

The logo is actually just one component of a comprehensive re-branding project. You can expect to see the new logo, colors, and graphic styles implemented into everything ORRA: from building signage to e-newsletters to social media avatars.

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