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Homes For Hounds

Tuesday, September 3, 2013  
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Orlando REALTOR® | SeptemberOctober 2013

REALTOR® Bill Beckett offers
the dream of a home to
all creatures great and small

For many REALTORS®, tucking happy clients into the home of their dreams is the ultimate in job satisfaction. For REALTOR® Bill Beckett, RE/MAX 200 Realty, finding a home for his "clients” is lifesaving and the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

Bill is a volunteer with Houndhaven, an organization that rescues dogs and puppies from shelters and keeps them safe until they can be placed in loving homes or with other rescue groups. He’s been on the job since bringing home his own dog, Ginger, from a Houndhaven adoption event more than 12 years ago.

Since then Bill has helped Houndhaven in all manner of ways, perhaps most notably by dressing up as Santa. He spends every Christmas time at Petsmart holding on to wiggly pet after wiggly pet while their adoring parents pony up for a photo op with Santa to benefit Houndhaven. He and his wife, Cindy, help out at adoption events and reunions, and Bill also serves as the photographer for Houndhaven’s annual fundraising calendar.

Bill’s volunteerism isn’t limited to the small animal side. He’s involved with equine-focused Better Times Rescue and develops therapeutic riding programs for that organization. But his heart clearly lies with the dogs.

"It is a glorious feeling when you watch a dog meet its family for the first time and know that you played a part in saving a life,” says Bill. "On a professional level, I’ve made many contacts through my volunteer efforts and helped these individuals buy and sell numerous houses. But in truth that pales in comparison to seeing how dogs’ lives change and how people’s lives change when they welcome a pet into their home.”

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