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Let's GOTV (Get Out The Vote) For The ORRA Election

Tuesday, September 3, 2013  
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Orlando REALTOR® | SeptemberOctober 2013

By Steve Merchant

 It's hard to believe the year is passing so quickly, and that we’re approaching elections for next year’s leaders. The candidates who are running for ORRA’s 2014 Leadership election are working hard on their campaign efforts, and I hope everyone is planning to vote! We had a record 766 votes cast in last year’s election, so let’s aim to top that this year. 

Don’t forget that September is REALTOR® Safety Month! There is no end to the resources available in the well-stocked safety section of the NAR website, which aims to protect clients REALTORS®, and property from harm all year long with items such as:

  • Articles and tips;
  • Forms and worksheets;
  • Webinars and videos;
  • Strategic safety plan; and
  • Office presentation and handouts

Please take advantage of these resources before you have the need!

ORRA makes it super easy to learn about the background of the candidates and their positions on relevant issues. In addition to the candidate position statements that are available on pages 8-11 of this issue of Orlando REALTOR®, there are complete candidate bios on and videos to watch will be coming soon.

It’s easy to vote, too. Everything takes place online, and you have five days (September 23 through September 27) to log in through a special link and make your choices. Please keep in mind that the voting system contains controls for ensuring the integrity of the election. Accordingly, you need to submit all of your final selections at one time. For example, there are four director positions available. You can’t choose one, click "submit,” then go back later to choose another three. (You can visit the site and review the candidates as many times as you would like; just don’t click "submit” or you’ll be locked out.)

Instructions for voting and a special link to access the voting function are already posted on the ORRA website, and we’ll even e-mail it to you.

We’ll do everything we can on our end to ensure you have the info and the access you need. But it will be up to you to make your voice heard and to cast your vote.

ORRA Chairman of the Board Steve Merchant, Global Realty International, is available at


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