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Red Letter Days

Wednesday, May 15, 2013  
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Alexandra Nordine, Keller Williams Advantage Realty, spearheaded the brokerage's adoption of Pathways to Home for its 2011 Red Day project. The end result was a renovated home presented to a family of 10 that had been living apart in separate homeless shelters.

Orlando REALTOR® | May/June 2013

For Alexandra Nordine, every day is a special occasion when it's spent helping the homeless

When a 2011 "60 Minutes” report revealed that Seminole County had 1,800 homeless children, ORRA member Alexandra Nordine, Keller Williams Advantage Realty, was well aware of that sad fact. As a longtime volunteer for various local homeless organizations, she’d already logged many years of soliciting donations, organizing events, and preparing homes for new residents.

Nordine’s most recent efforts have benefitted Pathways to Home (a collaborative that places homeless Seminole County families into homes and provides support services) and Pathways to Care (a short-term care facility for homeless adults recovering from acute medical illness or injury). But she’s not been going at it alone; in the past few years she’s persuaded her Keller Williams colleagues to adopt each of the organizations as a beneficiary of the brokerage’s annual Red Day community service project.

"The personal experience of helping a family into a home is so moving, and it’s a perfect fit for REALTORS®,” says Nordine. "We have the opportunity to work with all types of people and network all the time, which places us in an excellent position to reach out and help others in so many ways.”

"Being a REALTOR® is about so much more than selling homes – it’s about changing lives,” continues Nordine. "And there are just so many people who need our home-related assistance, whether it’s due to not being able to afford a home or to unfortunate circumstances that have spiraled beyond control. REALTORS® have the resources to reach out to those in need in our communities, and if everyone does just a little, it will go a long way.”

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