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Education Matters

Tuesday, March 26, 2013  
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Orlando REALTOR® | March/April 2013

By Steve Merchant

Education matters: It is what sets you apart from every other REALTOR®. I have to give credit for that great statement to our current ORRA Professional Development Forum Chairman Len Goffredo, Abbey Road Realty.  I’d like to give additional credit to Len and the rest of the ORRA Professional Development Forum (and to the ORRA Professional Education Department) for continuing to provide our members with such incredible educational classes.

Do you take advantage of the ocean of education and information that ORRA offers to its members? I can safely say that I do and that I appreciate just how positively the courses have contributed to my personal real estate career.  As I progressed through different levels of my career, our association’s education training has contributed enormously to my success as a residential practitioner, property manager, and broker.

Our association offers an array of educational opportunities to meet your individual needs. For example it offers many topic-focused individual courses, ORRA and Florida REALTORS® certification programs, and even National Association of REALTORS® certification and designation programs. Consider ORRA's Risk Management Certification (RMC) as an example. The certification offers both agent and broker tracks designed around fundamental disciplines that provide the core competencies needed to reduce the risk of doing business. Understanding the importance of minimizing my personal business risk, I was an early completer of the program. I encourage you to learn about the program and join the impressive group of professionals that have earned ORRA’s Risk Management Certification.

While we’re on the topic of education I’d like to tell you about the Florida Military Specialist (FMS) certification, a new opportunity at ORRA that is near and dear to my heart. The program will be offered for the very first time at ORRA on May 22 - 23. The cost of the course is being subsidized by a $5,000 Diversity Initiative Grant from the National Association of REALTORS®. Huge kudos goes to the ORRA Market Diversity Subcommittee, which applied for and won the grant.

Beyond these couple of examples, I’m pleased to report that ORRA is working all possible angles to bring you the best in education.  Rather you prefer live or on-line courses, require continuing education credit, or are just looking for some great training, view the full calendar of diverse courses online at

I hope you join me in taking advantage of ORRA’s educational programming!

ORRA Chairman of the Board Steve Merchant, Global Realty International, is available at

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