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Orlando Sentinel echoes the REALTOR® position on affordable housing trust fund

Tuesday, March 26, 2013  
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The Orlando Sentinel, in an unsigned opinion column that indicates an official position of the newspaper, has voiced support for the REALTOR® take on the state's affordable housing trust fund.

Read "Stop pilfering from fund for affordable housing," by Orlando Sentinel columnists

Securing funding for the Sadowski Trust Funds from the 2013 Florida Legislature is one of Florida REALTORS®' top lobbying initiatives this year. As in previous years, Florida REALTORS® is asking legislators to ensure that all monies generated by documentary stamp taxes specifically for affordable housing programs be used for that purpose — not to make up for deficits in general revenue.

The Sadowski Trust Funds are supported entirely by a portion of documentary stamp taxes. The beneficiaries are teachers, firefighters, senior citizens and low-income families who are loaned the funds to purchase a home or for rental assistance.

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