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Monday, March 25, 2013  
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Wallace Wilson, right, applies his muscle as well as his real estate expertise to the West Orange Habitat for Humanity.

Orlando REALTOR® | March/April 2013

Finding fulfillment at the
junction where REALTOR®-ing
meets volunteering

ORRA member Wallace Wilson, Realty Savers of Central Florida, Inc., puts his REALTOR® experience to good use.

As part of the West Orange Habitat for Humanity, Inc., Board of Directors, Wilson ferrets out real estate suitable for the well-known organization, which both constructs new homes and rehabs existing homes for low-income, hard-working families. He spends 15 to 25 hours each month on activities such as writing contracts and reviewing documents, visiting construction sites, accompanying inspectors, and attending meetings with government officials. He even takes advantage of his contacts with area banks and lenders, working to secure the donation of foreclosed properties to Habitat to Humanity.

Of course, these activities pale in comparison to Wilson’s favorite obligation: participating in the home-dedication ceremonies where the keys are handed over to a new homeowner. "There’s never a dry eye in the crowd,” Wilson describes, "and it always makes me unbearably proud to have been a part of such a wonderful accomplishment.”

Wilson was brought into Habitat for Humanity by a retiring board member who also happened to be a previous client, thereby proving the theorem that volunteering is in great part about the people you meet. "Through our community builds, I’ve been introduced to the widest spectrum of individuals imaginable — from members of the West Orange High School football team to members of church groups — individuals whom I otherwise would never have gotten to know,” says Wilson. "But while volunteering is no doubt a great way to cultivate new friends and business contacts, the personal satisfaction that you get in the process of offering a helping hand to someone less fortunate is priceless.”

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